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In this episode of the Super Strength Show, the Mad Scientist of Powerlifting, Chris Duffin, takes us on his journey to making massive gains without pain!

More Specifically in this Episode

• Vision, consistency, and hard work.
• Outworking every person around you, every single day.
• The benefits of stepping into the unknown.
• Defining your limits and testing your real strength!
• Be strong physically, mentally and emotionally.
• Apply the strength that you have in the most efficient manner possible.
• One of the most effective ways to rehab an injury.
• Take care of all the little things, and the big things will happen.
• Live, learn, and share!

As long as you’re pushing hard and making gains, you’re moving forward.
The one tool that every serious strength athlete should have!
Be passionate about what you do in life and stick to it!
Live life…Don’t let life live you.
About Chris Duffin

Chris Duffin is known as an elite lifter with the heaviest 4x bodyweight raw w/wraps squat in the history of powerlifting, with 881 lbs. at a bodyweight of 220 lbs. He has also deadlifted over 900 lbs. and broken the Guinness world record for most sumo deadlifted in 1 minute.

Besides these feats of strength, Chris is also a renowned coach and a go to for elite athletes in correcting movement problems. His approach to spinal stabilization and relation to barbell training is part of the curriculum for a PHD course on managing disc issues.

In addition to his success as an athlete and a coach, Chris has an inspiring life story. He went from growing up homeless in the mountains of California and Oregon to working his way up to a corporate executive while raising his younger siblings. Today Chris successfully balances his time between family, training, and his two careers.

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