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This week we have a special piece for you from our good friend Nick Lambe – @theonlinesleepcoach. In this webinar, Nick breaks down the ins and outs of sleep coaching and why sleep should be talked about in similar priority as training and nutrition do. I hope you enjoy this piece and if you’d like to learn more about what Nick does give him a follow on IG.

Via Nick:

Emphasis on sleep has gotten a tremendous amount of buzz over the last couple of years and for good reason. There may not be anything that influences our goals and the goals of those we work with more than sleep. However, I truly believe we’re still missing the boat and the greatest potential for impact. The reality is that just talking about sleep, recommending hygiene tips or reliance on products are not the long term solution. The opportunity for improved sleep, greater results in health and performance and differentiation in our industry lies in sleep COACHING. Nearly half of the population struggles with sleep and there are very limited sustainable solutions for these individuals.

This webinar will make the case for why we should implementing sleep and recovery into our actual process. Some of the things we’ll discuss include the prevalence of sleep struggles, the reasons why most sleep issues occur, and how sleep impacts health and performance outcomes. If our focus is having more impact and getting the best possible results for our clients and patients, sleep could very well be the missing link.


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