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In this episode of the Super Strength Show, Chris Duffin takes us on his journey to becoming a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Powerlifter, Movement Specialist, and Founder of Kabuki Warrior. During this interview, Chris dives deep into his training principles for better movement patterns and performance.

More Specifically in this Episode You’ll Learn About:

Chris explains his business and coaching
Know where to pull information from
Always move forward, not backwards
The Kabuki Movement Systems
Why your nervous system detunes you body when you don’t have proper joint centration or core stability
Focus on what is driving pain
Push yourself as hard as you possibly can and to do it absolutely right
Find the balance of extremes
Your lack of mobility is the output of you doing something wrong
Joint Centration
Developmental Kinesiology
Heavy Load Movement Vs. Remedial Type Pattern
There is no weakness in strength
About Chris Duffin

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Chris Duffin is an Ex Corporate Executive turned Inventor and Movement professional. He has positioned himself uniquely in the fitness world bridging the gap between (and working with both) the top clinical rehab and sports professionals in the world and the in the trenches athletes and Strength & Conditioning coaches. He promotes and uses evidence-based approaches in developing his coaching and cueing methodologies and strength training equipment.

Chris keeps it simple with reinforcing clean natural movement patterns and then focusing on building strength. He is the only person in the world today squatting and deadlifting over 900 lbs at his bodyweight, he is one of the best Powerlifters of our age, and one of the most respected powerlifting coaching strength coaches. He is the only powerlifting strength coach that is regularly asked to present at PHD level courses on human movement.

You can connect with him by visiting KabukiWarrior.com or Kabuki.ms.

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Success Quote
“The things that don’t add value; there’s no time for that.” – Chris Duffin
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“Screw Moderation!” – Chris Duffin
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