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Well training was pretty damn minimal this week. With all the travel, work, and filming I was struggling to get some good training in.  Lack of sleep really hits me hard and I was struggling with this all week on top of that and after the first couple days realized I essentially wasn’t going to get much to any training in.  What you see in the following video is pretty much it.  I had some big lifts but not many of them.

On the bright side you will be seeing a ton of new content over the next month!

Deadlift Tutorial Video @ Supertraining

Bench tutorial Video @ Supertraining

Kelly Starrett Interviews about the future of strength coach and clinical practice and where these areas collide

And tons of new content for WWW.Kabuk.MS


Lifts this week

855×6 Deadlift on Wagon Wheels

225×58 Reverse Grip Bench followed by

340×20 Reverse Grip Bench

625×2 no Hands front squat