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Andrei Miclea

As Creative Director for Kabuki Strength, Andrei is tasked with helping the company grow via his work in marketing, branding, design, content development, videography, and web. His work spans multiple mediums and due to the collaborative nature of the company, Andrei routinely works with engineering, product development, and the executive team to plan the rapid expansion of our brand. He focuses on maintaining aesthetic integrity within the company, from it’s products, to the social and web presence it has, even to the details within The Lab.

Besides his duties as the Creative Director for a fast growing company, Andrei is a competitive national-level strongman competitor and Kabuki Movement Systems certified coach. He spends his free time learning as much as he can about, well, anything. Andrei also enjoys the company of friends and his lovely cat, Theodora.

Portland, Oregon


Best Squat: 611 pounds

Best Deadlift: 650 pounds

310 pounds/hand farmers walk 60' in 11.5s

1015 pound 20`` block deadlift