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Assessment and Correction Strategies for Hip Shift and Pelvic Tilt in Squat and Deadlift with Chris Duffin and Brad Cox

Kabuki Strength’s Chris Duffin and Acumobity’s Brad Cox team up for a video series on re-patterning, correctives, and cueing for strength training.  Much of the greater depth of content will be housed on Kabuki.MS in the indexable and searchable video library.  However an entire public series of video’s will be available as well where Brad and Chris meld their innovative style of assessment and corrective strategies together as they apply to strength athletes.

The first in the series is dealing with addressing both hip shift and pelvic tilt when we see them in squatting and deadlifting patterns.  This video goes far beyond what other videos’ on this subject provide.  They dive into how to assess and understand the root of the issue then develop the specific strategy based on the outcomes of your assessment.  In this video they walk through 5 different assessments and multiple strategies for dealing with it.

Products used in the video include Kabuki Strength’s Boom Stick and Acumobility Products.  More in depth videos will be published on Kabuki.MS.  Also keep an eye out for more collaborative efforts between Kabuki Strength and Acumobility.

You can video the video above!