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View our coaching services here for more information and to sign up!In this video, our Director of Coaching and Performance Brandon Senn gives a complete and introduction to VBT [Velocity Based Training] and how we use it to program for our virtual coaching clients. We are the only coaching service utilizing VBT for strength programming. We have partnered with Squats and Science, the organization that produces the sold-out open source VBT device called Open Barbell. Due to our partnership with them, all our clients receive a VBT device as part of our client on-boarding process. When it comes to evidence based coaching, VBT is on the cutting-edge of sports science. The velocity of a barbell between point A and point B is an objective variable used to regulate training load and volume. We bridge the gap between research and practical implementation with our clientele. VBT has been around for a while, but never has it been integrated into a comprehensive virtual coaching product until now. Training by the Kabuki Strength Team is an innovative but evidence-based approach that covers an incredible scope of the strength athlete’s needs through their life cycle. Some of the components of this plan are: TEAM REVIEW PROCESS - All of our coaches will have eyes on you initially to ensure the most comprehensive plan is developed.LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT PLAN - You might not be with us for the next 3 years, but we are going to set the foundation for long-term success regardless.MOVEMENT PREPARATION or CORRECTIVE PLAN - A custom tailored movement plan to get you out of pain and/or improve performance potential.TRAINING PLAN – AUTOREGULATION - VBT - The latest in technology delivered to YOU!View our coaching services here for more information and to sign up! ...