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Rudy Kadlub’s HemiCap Follow-Up

It has now been twelve and eighteen months, respectively, since I had hemicap surgery on my left and right shoulders. Performed by Dr. Anthony Miniaci at the Cleveland Clinic, the shoulder surgeries have performed better than I had hoped. In reviewing the introductory article I wrote in June of 2016, my goal then was to rehab the right shoulder ahead of the October surgery on the left, and to get back on the platform by the spring of 2017. I can report now that the second surgery was equally successful as was the follow up rehab work led by PT’s Jim Cavin (right) and Jason Vila (left) at North Lake Physical therapy who pushed me to the limit. It was a long, frustrating road as I wanted the pain to subside sooner than it did. However, by using our Duffalo and Transformer Bars, I was able to train the squat well ahead of regaining the shoulder range of motion necessary to get my myself under a straight bar and the Duffalo bar allowed me to start benching sooner than expected. The proprietary bends in the Duffalo Bar force the shoulders into a more centrated position and enabled me to initially bench to a 3 board without pain which I slowly worked it down to my chest over a two month period. Not only did I achieve my goal of competing by the spring of 2017, but at the USPA Masters Cup in Houston in May, I set a new WR in the squat and total and I was just 11 pounds short of the Bench WR-just 7 months after my second surgery!

I have been utilizing the ShouldeRok this past summer which has continued to open up my shoulder ROM. Under the watchful eye of our in-house chiropractor, Franchesca Vermillion, and with the guidance of my long time (and now long distance) training partner, John Hare, I trained hard and competed in the IPL Worlds earlier this month in Las Vegas. At that meet I set four new World Records but was most excited about shattering the existing world record in the bench press with my two rebuilt shoulders!

I encourage mature athletes who may be suffering from osteoarthritic shoulder pain but who want to continue to live an active sporting life, golf, tennis and even contact sports or weight lifting to ask your orthopedic surgeon about hemicap surgery. It has extended my powerlifting career and probably my life as a result.

Rudy Kadlub, age 68


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