The Duffalo Bar Can Be An Offensive Lineman’s Best Friend

Rudy Kadlub (the writer) is Co-Owner and CEO of Kabuki Strength and is an active competitive powerlifter. Since beginning his powerlifting career twelve years ago at age 55 he has set 25 American and 24 World records.

Jacob Lonowski is currently the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Olympic Sports at Georgia State University where he trains Softball, Baseball and Women’s Track & Field. While playing football at Georgia Tech he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a Specialization in Information Technology Management and then his Master’s of Science from Georgia State University in Exercise Science with a Specialization in Exercise Physiology. Also, he is certified by the NSCA as a CSCS and by the CSCCa as a SCCC. It is best to reach him through email at, he always very eager to learn & share.

Chris Duffin and I recently attended the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches annual convention in Fort Worth, Texas and while there we had a chance to meet several coaches from around the country and demonstrate the features and benefits of some of our patented products. As a former collegiate offensive line coach myself, it occurred to me while talking to Georgia State Strength Coach Jacob Lonowski, an offensive line alum of Georgia Tech, that the unique properties of the Duffalo Bar produced by our company, Kabuki Strength, can have specific practical benefits in the strength training for offensive linemen in football. 

The Duffalo Bar’s proprietary bend allows for improved positioning of the shoulder joint in the glenoid (socket), increasing power transfer through the joint and reducing the risk of injury that comes with handling huge loads with sub-optimal joint positioning. In addition to this improved joint centration and the cued scapular retraction & depression (a more stable and safe position for pressing) provided by the Duffalo Bar, there is an increase in the range of motion of the pressing movement. The result of which is training a deeper pressing position in relationship to the shoulder which strengthens a typically compromised position for an offensive lineman.  The four-inch drop provided by the proprietary bends in the Duffalo Bar vs. a straight bar provides this advantage.

In close contact play for offensive linemen, better developing strength through these increased ranges of motion will contribute to increased position-specific performance and a more resilient shoulder. Getting more comfortable with a deeper and coiled shoulder position gives the arm increased time in which to accelerate. This correlates to a greater wind up leading to faster hands and more powerful strikes. With stronger shoulders comes healthier linemen who can more easily overpower during the run game, and agile impactful strikes give linemen an even better chance of adapting and countering the moves of defensive linemen during the passing game.

Shoulder injuries can occur when athletes internally rotate their shoulders during high effort bench pressing. Because of its unique curvature, The Duffalo Bar not only cues shoulder external rotation but forces this safer and stronger pressing position. Any improvements in this regard will help increase the longevity of a lineman’s career and help even up the odds in “the pits”.

The Duffalo Bar can be purchased on our website and we encourage you to read the product page for more detailed information on its features and function. The Duffalo Bar is manufactured in the USA using American Steel and hand-assembled.