The Role Of A Team In Individual Sports

People often under value the role of a team in individual sports.  That statement is not an oxymoron as team and individual performance are not diametrically opposed.  While it is true that lifting can, and is, done by some individuals entirely by themselves there are substantially more strength athletes who gain from relying on their team.

The role of a team in an individual sports such as powerlifting, olympic lifting and even to some degree bodybuilding is:

  • Encouragement – That encouragement or support to dig deeper and push harder
  • Reality Checks – Calling out your depth isn’t good or that you didn’t lock that out.  Or you just being flat out stupid with your training
  • Remove Obstacles – Assisting lifters at meets, reminders to stay hydrated or just keeping the focus on a big training day.
  • Physical Support – Spotting, loading, lifting off, or helping with gear

We are social beings and we simply perform better in supportive groups than when we do alone.  I am a big proponent of training in teams.  Even without a team physically present we can see people using social media to seek out and fill those same team roles noted above.

It’s not just powerlifting or strength training that operates this way. Many ‘individual sports’ you see today require teams to succeed. Look closely and you will see them. MMA, NASCAR, Golf you name it and there will be at least a small team supporting them.

Do you want to realize your peak potential? Then find a group of like-minded individuals that have those needed skills and create a team.  This is what we have done at Elite Performance Center building numerous world Champions and All-Time record holders and what you can see with my online team at EliteFTS.