Kabuki Code of Conduct

Over the last 9 years, Kabuki Strength has been at the forefront of providing aspiring amateur strength athletes and professionals alike with industry-leading barbells, tools, education, and coaching services to continue pushing the boundaries of performance while building a community that is united in pursuing a better life through the discipline of strength. We have coached thousands, provide educational content and services to tens of thousands, and are incredibly humbled by the countless individuals who purchase Kabuki Strength products and services to learn from our content across numerous platforms.

We want all our clients and customers to know our stance on the conduct we demand of ourselves, as well as the meet directors and promoters who we work with and associate with to provide athletes like you the venues and opportunities to live out your passions and goals safely.

All Kabuki Strength employees, including strength coaches and educators, have been vetted by our management team and have undergone and passed national background checks and sex-offender registry checks to ensure they are fit to serve in their positions. We have a zero-tolerance policy for disqualifying misbehavior or misconduct for our employees AND anyone we associate with who works in a capacity of authority for events Kabuki Strength sponsors or promotes. 

Moving forward, Kabuki Strength will abide by a code of conduct internally as an organization, and for all events and promotions we are officially affiliated with. We hope other organizations, including private businesses, and organizing bodies in the sport follow suit with similar standards to ensure the protection of hundreds of thousands of athletes, clients, and customers around the United States, and the world.

We have implemented and taken the following actions as part of this initiative:

  1. All Kabuki Strength employees, affiliates, interns, contractors, and volunteers will be screened through a national background check and national sex offender registry check to ensure they are fit to serve in their roles, particularly those who are client/athlete facing like our coaches and educators.
  2. Any meet or event which Kabuki Strength affiliates with must have officials in a position of authority (meet directors, referees, and promoters) pass a national criminal background check, including a check of the national sex offender registry. If the sanctioning body is not able or willing to provide this, Kabuki Strength will do so at our discretion or refuse to participate in the event.
  3. Kabuki Strength has implemented a trusted, third-party software solution (#NotMe) for confidential and secure incident reporting and accountability. This platform is easily accessible, promoted to all employees, clients, and participants in Kabuki Strength sponsored events.
    1. To report an incident, please download the instructions PDF here
  4. Kabuki Strength has hired an experienced and certified Compliance Officer to serve in an independent capacity and manage reported claims of misconduct, inappropriate behavior. This individual will be making official recommendations to our leadership about disciplinary action or termination based on their investigations and findings.

The sports of powerlifting and strongman have grown dramatically in the last 5 years and as a result there are more federations, organizations, and individuals involved. Most people involved in strength sports, both in paid or volunteer capacities, have the best intentions toward the athletes – with the majority being strength athletes and members of the extended community themselves. However, there are some - as there are in nearly any population - individuals with questionable character or tainted pasts. Unfortunately, there are also those with hidden nefarious intent who have no record or history of misbehavior. This is why it’s imperative that as a community we are transparent, honest, and develop mechanisms for accountability to make sure athletes and community members are protected, able to report misconduct, and can compete in a safe environment. 

When attending a meet or contest whether it is close to home or on the road, we want to caution our athletes, our customers, and all competitors to be aware of their surroundings, be cognizant of “stranger danger”, and pair up with a friend or parent if you are a minor. Report any incident of a threat to your safety, sexual advances, or inappropriate behavior to someone you trust and via a reporting mechanism being implemented for all events or business activities Kabuki is associated with. If you do not have someone with you that you can trust in such a circumstance, you may report it to the local authorities by calling the local non-emergency number (in Oregon it is 311 but there are 10-digit numbers in every location for non-emergency police). If you are in immediate danger, you should dial 911. 

Ultimately, due to the independent nature of our sports, their rapid growth, and the dynamics of interpersonal relations in this context – we believe an independent watchdog needs to exist as a reporting and accountability mechanism to ensure the safety of lifters and continued growth of strength sports. We don’t know what this would look like but believe it’s a necessary step in the right direction and would encourage the major sanctioning bodies to adopt a formal mechanism for reporting and accountability.

We want all athletes in strength sports to enjoy the fruits of their labor by competing in meets and events conducted by reputable directors and promoters.  Competing in strength sports is a healthy, fun, and rewarding experience. We wish to see it continue grow in a positive, and proactive way so we can all live better lives through a discipline of strength. 

Safe Training and Competing to you,

Kabuki Strength

Click here to download the instructions for reporting an incident