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USPA Partnership Press Release


Kabuki Strength Becomes the Exclusive Barbell Partner and Strength Education Provider of the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) and International Powerlifting League (IPL)


November 5th, 2021. Portland, OR & Orange County, CA


Leading American barbell manufacturer Kabuki Strength has announced an exclusive partnership with the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA), the largest governing body for the sport of powerlifting in the US, to become their official equipment and education provider.


Legendary barbells like the New Generation 250k PSI Power and Squat Bars will be used alongside the long-awaited and soon-to-be-released Kabuki Deadlift Bar at this week’s IPL-USPA Drug Tested World Championships in Costa Mesa, CA. 


Since 2014, Kabuki Strength has designed, engineered, and manufactured professional-grade strength equipment including novel specialty barbells and competition barbells used in facilities and on competition platforms around the world. Unique among competitors, Kabuki is a vertically integrated organization offering education and coaching services around loaded human movement and athletic performance and is backed by an industry-first advisory board of researchers, doctors, coaches, and clinicians.


Founded in 2010, the USPA quickly established itself as one of the premier federations in the sport of powerlifting, with hundreds of sanctioned meets taking place annually. From local, regional, national, and international competitions through the International Powerlifting League - the USPA has earned a reputation for quality judging and healthy competition in highly-organized meets at all levels.


In partnering with Kabuki Strength, the USPA demonstrates continued commitment to offering the sport of powerlifting meets that reach the highest of standards—down to the barbells used on the platform and education provided to thousands of USPA athletes, platform officials, judges, and certified coaches. As powerlifting has experienced a major increase in numbers of athletes participating at all levels over the last decade, the USPA has grown quickly and today offers the premier powerlifting competition experience for athletes around the United States.


“We’re excited about this partnership,”said Steve Denison, president of the USPA/IPL. “Kabuki’s attention to detail in their craftsmanship and athletic education is fundamental in providing our powerlifting community with a high-quality lifting experience.”


As a mature athlete and current world-record holder, I’ve had the great joy and thrill of competing on numerous USPA and IPL platforms over the years and have “experienced the difference”. It’s an honor for our company to bring the best barbells in the world to competitions hosted by the best powerlifting sanctioning body,” said Rudy Kadlub, CEO and Co-Founder of Kabuki Strength.


For more information, visit kabukistrength.com or uspa.net