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Brandon Morgan

From a young age I knew that I had an innate passion for fitness. My journey began in the sport of wrestling. It taught me some of the most fundamental life lessons and created qualities of mental toughness, discipline, and life prioritization.

Eventually, I earned a college scholarship through wrestling. I moved from my hometown of Thurston, Oregon to Portland and attended Warner Pacific University. Once I got to college weightlifting became more and more of a priority. What started out as a means for athletic development rapidly turned into an obsession. Requests started coming in from other athletes at my college to start strength training them as well. I began with a few wrestlers and that grew into many other sport athletes at the university.

Unfortunately, as my college wrestling career progressed injuries became more severe and frequent. Concussions to be exact. After my most severe concussion I was forced to take an entire semester off of school and quit contact sports all together. Instead of feeling bad for myself I decided to make a complete paradigm shift from wrestling to powerlifting. While still in school I started dedicating hours every day to studying any and all materials about strength I could get my hands on. I spent long hours training at kabuki. Absorbing as much information as I could. The more I learned the more clients I acquired, and the better my movement quality became. In as little as two years I added hundreds of pounds to my powerlifting total by incorporating these high-level training methodologies.

As my client base grew I realized that training others was the only career path for me. I was obsessed, and It was absolute tunnel vision from there. The wrestling coach at Warner Pacific noticed the tremendous results from athletes I had worked with and awarded me the position of strength and conditioning coach of the universities wrestling team. Wanting to get as much experience as possible I also decided to get a job as a personal trainer at a commercial gym. Then, craving a higher-level knowledge base, I asked Brandon Senn if I could intern at kabuki. Brandon accepted me on as kabuki strengths first ever intern.

My senior year of college was hectic. Working at three different gyms, while finishing up school. Eventually, after graduating college I was offered an opportunity to become a strength coach at kabuki.

I am a firm believer that the most glorious pursuit one can have in life is to work towards discovering their bodies full potential. This has been my life pursuit from the start. I have a unique background competing in wrestling, BJJ, football, track, and training in MMA. Also working with a diverse background of people from collegiate athletes to general population and most everything in between.

Portland, Oregon