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Brandon Senn

Hi, my name is Brandon Senn. I compete in Powerlifting and I’m the Head Coach at Kabuki Strength. My mission is to equip coaches and athletes with the knowledge and tools necessary to reach their ultimate potential. I’m the creator of the Kabuki Strength coaching systems where I’m constantly striving to innovate the we view and control data for both coaches and athletes. My goal in these efforts is to put the power back in the hands of our athletes and show them a global perspective of their training. Among my coaching accolades, I’ve worked as a consultant for industry professionals, competitive athletes, and technology based companies within the fitness industry.

To date I’ve worked with a wide demographic of individuals including

  • 3 separate Powerlifting ALL-TIME world record holders who combined, have a total of 7 broken records.
  • Multiple IFP world competitors.
  • Nationally competitive lifters including multi-federation national champions.
  • 100s of novice to intermediate lifters building their foundation for career potential.
  • Combined reach of competitive lifters across 5 separate continents.

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