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This series on squatting has been about maintaining proper spine positon and bracing during the movement. It has had a specific focus on the often overlooked importance of eliminating thoracic spine extension. To date, we have covered how to create the stability to brace the spine and generate deep spinal stabilization. This starts with the process of creating the correct intra-abdominal pressurization. The second piece in this series covered what you can do to determine the correct hand position based on your current shoulder mobility, and then you use that hand position to improve your squat through incorporation of the lats.

In this final piece of the series I will discuss some of the science behind the approach I have been outlining. Much of this approach is based on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization from the Prague School of Medicine. My belief is that to create the most efficient strength athlete is to include this methodology in heavy strength training. In the video I refer to this as creating the “perfect monster.”

The goal of this final part is to improve shoulder mobility to optimize t-spine position and hand position as covered in the first two videos. A detailed warmup movement is covered that will provide you with immediate gains if you are limited due to shoulder mobility and scapular retraction. I also offer a longer term approach that will “fix” many of the shoulder health issues we face as strength athletes. This final approach improves overall shoulder function and health while also developing and strengthening all of the muscles involved in support of the shoulder.

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and why it matters for lifting big weights (1:25)
  • Attacking mobility limitations to increase stability and lat use (3:34)
  • Reactive Neuromuscular Training Overhead Squat to improve mobility and stability (4:58)
  • Test : Retest methodology for analysis (8:00)
  • Static stretch for opening pecs and shoulders (10:05)
  • Muscle mace shoulder rock swing (11:00)