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Greg Walsh

(If you’ve dipped your toes in the water, and like how it feels) do the favor of allowing yourself to obsess over physical performance for at least one period of your life.

I’m not talking about downing a pre-workout and moving 10% faster in a 10-minute conditioning piece. I’m talking about the non-glamorous details that lead to true advancement and markedly improved performance. Address the areas that hurt the most (pain is part of the process) and indulge the things that drive you nuts (they’re speaking to you for a reason); deep-water, high-level improvement only comes through listening to the voices you don’t want to hear.

Exception to that statement: Those fully-fueled by the act of completion of a physical task (with composition as an afterthought) or largely driven by receipt of a pat-on-the-back for simply managing to finish it; If you’re content with the shallow end, and more motivated by acclaim/ recognition than self-evaluation/ evolution, it’s better to stay out and make way for those with the mettle to jump in deep.

After 14 years of participating in generalist training programs and 12 years of writing programs for both specialists and generalists, I now feel that I’ve begun to understand a little bit about the process.

Since finding CrossFit in 2002 in California I’ve worked with limited equipment, challenged space, equally challenged individuals, conflicting mindsets, and within the often polarizing and cannibalistic conventional “fitness industry”… After sifting through it all, we’ve managed to construct a training program and a brand that has a unique identity, training mindset, and physical philosophy. We’ve managed to hybridize without bastardizing the movements, concepts, and protocols I have seen to be the most important in creating and refining strong, powerful, well-conditioned, expertly-equipped generalists. There are definitely programs that create stronger athletes, and definitely programs that dole out enough attrition-based conditioning that a few of their participants become stand-outs in it, but in surveying the world I truly believe that Wolf Brigade is among the very best at creating well-rounded, gimmick-free, strong, powerful, well-conditioned, and humble individuals.