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chris in march #2

Well this last week was an incredibly challenging week. I finished off my cut and did a photo shoot on Tuesday followed immediately by flying out to the Arnold on Wednesday. What made this challenging is the fact I was incredibly sick all week so the travel, lack of sleep, and long NON-STOP days at the Arnold killed me. However I couldn’t have had a better week honestly. It was an incredible time meeting and interacting with fans, customers, and friends I don’t see very often. Dave allowed me and my team into the compound to get some training in as well so big thanks to him and EliteFTS.

For this photo shoot my goal was to come in much more filled out than the last one. The one I did last year I got quite lean for but my face was so drawn I was not that recognizable. So we were unable to use a lot of the images for marketing material because I didn’t look like me or looked scary. This time I started the carb up early and hit it pretty hard after the 2 week carb depletion I did running into the shoot. While this did result in a lot more spillover and soft loping appearance of he abdominal area than I would have liked to have seen I’m quite pleased wight the results. Got some great images and I look like myself. And considering this is only the second time I have done this with very little experience to pull from I’m pleased.