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In this interview, I sit down with Ryan “Bench Monster” Kennelly. Ryan recently took a several year hiatus from the sport after dominating the shirted bench press world for quite some time. Ryan has more over 1000-pound competition bench presses than any other lifter. His best record-setting lift was an incredible 1075. Many people probably are not aware that of benchers of his caliber, Ryan is one of the very few who have never had any major pec or shoulder issue requiring medical intervention. Ryan is a master of the technical aspect of benching and doing so safely to preserve his lifting career. In this interview we discuss his return to the sport and his goals.

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I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Shawn Sherman and Jonathan Loos of The Reset System. They visited our facility over the course of a couple days and used their method on a number of our athletes. We were able to see some immediate results in a number of them as well as observe them diagnose known issues (unknown to them) with several of them in a very quick fashion.

RESET is a revolutionary restorative movement system that pinpoints and eliminates the joint dysfunctions that cause us to compensate with our posture and movement. Over the course of our lives, stress causes our bodies to acquire joint dysfunctions which, in turn, causes us to compensate. In order to reap the full benefits of physical activity we need flawless posture and movement. RESET removes the flaws and restores natural posture and movement.

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By James Breese – February 28, 2015

Strength Matters Whiskey

Episode 34.

In this episode, Seb and Josh interview Chris Duffin, which has to be one of the most inspiring background stories we’ve ever shared. Words cannot do it justice…. so here’s a brief background on Chris and then we highly recommend listening to this gem of an episode…

Chris is an accomplished powerlifter, coach, and gym owner. He is the world record holder for the raw squat in the 220lb class. He also holds a Guinness World Record for the most weight deadlifted in one minute at 17,010 pounds (42 reps of 405lbs). Chris Duffin is the head coach and co-owner of Elite Performance Center in Portland, Oregon.

In this episode of the Super Strength Show, the Mad Scientist of Powerlifting, Chris Duffin, takes us on his journey to making massive gains without pain!

More Specifically in this Episode

• Vision, consistency, and hard work.
• Outworking every person around you, every single day.
• The benefits of stepping into the unknown.
• Defining your limits and testing your real strength!
• Be strong physically, mentally and emotionally.
• Apply the strength that you have in the most efficient manner possible.
• One of the most effective ways to rehab an injury.
• Take care of all the little things, and the big things will happen.
• Live, learn, and share!

Recently I published a well-received article, Using Your Body’s Mobility and Stability Mechanisms to Drive Performance. This article provided some excellent analogies to articulate the principals at play to drive the improved power transfer and increased distal mobility through focus on proximal stability. In the following four-part video series, I dive deeper into some specific approaches to accomplish this in practice and beyond just an academic discussion.

The first video in the series is another introductory discussion video. It is the beginning of a lecture I recently did for some DC students and Rehab2Performance members at UWS. Due to the audience, I mostly speak to the topic of ‘treating’ the peripheral or the outputs of poor movement or inadequate proximal stability. In my seminar series and certifications I spend a great deal of time on the difference between ‘coaching’ the peripheral versus how to coach the operating mechanics of quality movement patterns.


Chris Duffin, world renowned powerlifter and coach, is this week’s featured guest on the podcast.

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Chris is an elite level powerlifter, coach, inventor, owner of Elite Performance Center, and founder of KabukiStrength.com. His goal is to inspire and motivate men to chase their dreams despite adversity – to think bigger, dream bigger, and BE bigger and stronger than they’ve ever thought possible.

His most recent endeavor – Kabuki.ms – is an innovative new web tool for learning and coaching proper movement patterns.

I’m excited to talk with Chris today about his approach to training, coaching, and the movement principles that have become the foundation for his new online coaching tool, Kabuki.ms.