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Chris Duffin making progress on his #GRANDGOALS plans with a crazy deadlift workout. He hit 935lb for 3, and then 960lb for 2. Both lifts being huge all-time PRs. Video below

[wpdevart_youtube width=”640″ height=”385″ autoplay=”0″ theme=”dark” loop_video=”0″ enable_fullscreen=”1″ show_related=”1″ show_popup=”0″ thumb_popup_width=”213″ thumb_popup_height=”128″ show_title=”1″ show_youtube_icon=”1″ show_annotations=”1″ show_progress_bar_color=”red” autohide_parameters=”1″ set_initial_volume=”false” initial_volume=”100″ disable_keyboard=”0″]_vav1sUziig[/wpdevart_youtube]