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Angles90 Grips

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Make sure to check out our new Angles 90 Pulley to use along with your grips!


We are proud to partner with our Italian friends at Angles90 to offer a simple, highly-adaptable and effective training solution for our customers! Developed through rigorous testing (70 prototypes) by an ex-professional gymnast and strength coaches at Technical University Munich, the Angles90 grips provide for a more natural, safer motion in hundreds of different applications. Simon and his team at Angles90 share our commitment to research-based tools and education, and have developed a novel product that is helping countless individuals around the world. We invite you to scroll down and learn more about Angles90.





  • Use Angles90 grips independently or purchase a full Athlete Set for a purpose-built, mobile training solution that will challenge you in a myriad of ways
  • Ergonomic grips imitate natural closed hand position, lowering stress on the hand compared to standard grips and handles.
  • Allows for natural movement mechanics in typically fixed-plane movements
  • Increased Range of Motion and improved mind-muscle connection
  • Improved muscle activation due to variable grip positions
  • Grips are certified at 360kg maximum load (790lbs)




  • In Stock: Guaranteed 2 Business Day Fulfillment
  • Grips are manufactured in Northern Italy.
  • To purchase Angles90 Grips alone, select "Grips Only" in the Options dropdown above.




Learn more about the mission and vision behind Angles90 here. For research and studies related to Angles90 function, visit the Angles90 reference page here. Read an in-depth review by GarageGymReviews here.



Angles90 grips are designed to attach to almost anything, whether it be a fixed object or an exercise machine (a row machine for example). There are limitless uses for the grips, but among the most common are:


  • Pull-Ups of an infinite variety
  • Seal Rows (grips attached to a barbell)
  • Skull Crushers
  • Bodyweight Rows
  • Farmer's Walks or Carries
  • Curls with Kettlebell 
  • Any kind of rowing 

For even more versatility and to see how the Angles90 grips can be used as a full training solution, learn more about the Athlete Set below! 


Athlete Set 


Full Athlete set includes:


  • Angles90 Grips (2 grips)
  • A90 Sling Trainer (2 straps, 2 carabiners, carrying bag)
  • A90 Resistance Band (2 different bands)


The A90 Sling Trainer features:


  • Length adjustable & door-hook function
  • Smallest, most portable sling-trainer on the market
  • Certified for 550lbs
  • Can be attached to trees and large diameter objects


The A90 Resistance Bands features:


  • Two bands (40lb & 20lb resistance)
  • Length-adjustable through the handles
  • Can be used for assisted pull-ups
  • Easy transport, setup, and use.

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