The Duffalo Bar

Finish: Bare Steel

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 The Duffalo Bar was our first barbell, and the industry’s first design-engineered specialty barbell at a time when non-standard barbells were fabbed up in chop-shops or garages by hardcore lifters. The brain-child of one of the strongest men in the world and Kabuki co-founder Chris Duffin, the Duffalo Bar is purpose-built to make squatting and pressing safer, easier-to-learn, and more effective for a range of populations from beginners to professional athletes.


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The Duffalo Bar

For the Squat:Our proprietary bends allow for improved scapular retraction and reduces stress on the easily-irritated biceps tendon in the shoulder, while eliminating the counter-productive center peak on similar bars. Reducing this direct strain on the bicep tendon and allowing increased back rigidity + proper joint centration via scapular retraction is incredibly important for strength and injury prevention. Additionally, our bar can improve your ability to generate core stability due to the reduced mobility demands of the shoulders allowing you to avoid excessive spinal extension and maintain neutrality in a back squat rack position . Many athletes and lifters report immediate improvements in their ability to brace and maintain spine neutrality. 

The proprietary multi-radius bend of the Duffalo Bar means it can sit on your back in an extremely comfortable and stable manner. Think about it…the back is not flat, it has contours and is round. The extreme, externally-rotated position required by a straight-bar back squat frequently causes chronic or acute shoulder impingement and bicep issues for a large number of lifters, especially the heavyweights! Save your shoulders, use the Duffalo Bar.

For the Press:The Duffalo Bar’s proprietary bends optimize the wrist angle when held in the pressing position. This positioning cues proper joint centration in the shoulder, while also improving both lat and scapular engagement. Despite the increased ROM of the press, users report significantly reduced or completely eliminated shoulder pain while gaining an increased training effect from the additional range of motion. These improvements groove correct pressing patterns, automatically ensuring the proper engrams are programmed.  

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For Bench:

  • Makes the Bench Press Comfortable, Fun, and Easy to Learn
  • Proprietary Angle Enables Improved and Safer Pressing Position
  • Increased Range of Motion for Better Results in Strength, Hypertrophy, and Transfer to Sports

For Squat:

  • Reduced Pain on the Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulders via Optimal Positioning
  • Improved Squat Mechanics Through Better Bracing & Positioning
  • Contoured Design Reduces Barbell Falling Off in Back & Front Squats

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  • Brand:Kabuki Strength
  • Manufactured:Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Bar Weight:55lbs
  • Bar Diameter:31.75mm (1.25")
  • Length:95" Total Bar
  • Sleeve Length:17.25" Loadable Area
  • Finish/Plating:Zinc, Black Oxide, Nickel
  • Knurl:Sharp
  • Steel Type:Proprietary Chrome-Alloy
  • Hardware:Oil-Impregnated Bronze Bushing
  • Load Capacity:1500lbs
  • End Cap:Stamped, Stainless Steel


Trainers, Clinicians, Scientists All Agree

Leroy Walker

"I very rarely fall in love with new equipment but I'm in love with this bar! I might just have an affair with it.  It has numerous uses and has immediately made an impact on my performance." 

- Leroy Walker, Champion Raw Bench Presser

Reese Hoffa

"I simply won't use any other bar than the Duffalo bar to train with for myself or my athletes given the choice. In combination with the ShouldeRok it has been a 'Game Changer' in this Olympic training cycle."

- Reese Hoffa, 3x Olypmian in the Shot Put


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Frequently Asked Questions

There's a very common injury occurrence when squatting with a straight bar, especially multiple times a week and it may not be what you expect. That is elbow, shoulder, and wrist pain/injuries. This is due to the large amount of mobility demand put on them when in a back squat position especially low bar. Which can lead to some big concerns. The duffalo will provide the same adaptations of a straight bar with significantly less joint stress.

In the squat category alone there is exponentially more we can do with the duffalo besides just back squatting. For example one of our favorite uses for it is front squatting. Loading potential tends to skyrocket when using the duffalo in comparison to a standard straight bar. Due to the Duffalos curvature and knurl it sticks to ones body exponentially better so we can focus more on loading and squat mechanics instead of struggling to keep the bar on our body. Furthermore its a fantastic bench pressing bar.

Yes and we very much suggest it. The primary benefit to bench pressing with a duffalo is the significantly larger ROM it provides which has been shown in research to be one of the more important training factors when looking to create the best hypertrophic training stimulus possible. Furthermore the curvature of the bar itself tends to be much easier on joints especially when pressing heavily and or with a higher frequency.

There are many potential applications with using the duffalo bar. If we had to narrow them down to our top three they would be 1. To relieve the strain put on joints when in a back squat position. 2. To create a better training stimulus through a larger ROM when performing pressing variations. 3. Increase the loading potential of particular squat variations such as the front squat. There's significantly more applications for it but these three are amongst the most important.

As a powerlifter we squat, bench, deadlift with an incredibly high frequency and intensity. This can bring about some big concerns. Many lifters find themselves benching right after squats and end up going through pain, dysfunction, and compensatory movement patterns which pushes them to carefully analyze the bench asking themselves why is this happening? Well oftentimes the root cause of this issue is actually stemming from wear and tear put on joints in the back squat that gets even worse with a secondary or tertiary exposure to back squatting per week. The duffalo can help to significantly relieve issues like this. The curvature of the bar relieves the joint stress while still providing the same pattern, stimulation, and adaptations that are needed for competition.

For starters, every squat and bench variation out there. For example we love it for incline bench, decline bench, front squat, zercher squat, and much more. But getting away from squat and bench other variation examples include: All lunge variations, all OHP variations, goodmornings, walking zercher front holds, rows, curls, skullcrushers, suit case deadlifts, suit case carries, and much more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews

High quality… as advertised.

Duffalo Bar

This bar really hits the spot! I use this bar for benching and sqauting. It is easier on my wrists and shoulders than a strait bar so I can go much heavier. The knurling on it is the best I've ever felt on any other bar and I never need to use chalk. I like my Rouge bars a lot but I love my Duffalo bar!

Granted, I did have to modify my j-hooks slightly. I drilled and tapped the backside of the j-cup bracket and put a T bolt in it, like the old barbell collars have. I set the angle then tighten the T bolts on the backside. Works great!


Amazing bar, fits just right great for squads in benching. Super awesome that it comes in green for my Star Wars theme.


Bar is amazing, broke it in over the weekend and loved it, beware the black oxide coating is no where near as tough as the cerakote so poly j-hooks definitely recommended

2 year update

I loved this bar. I've used it for 2 years. But I just had my first bail out on a squat. Just wasnt feeling right and dropped only 475. Dropped the weight from maybe 6 inches above the safety bar. The Duffalo bar is completely destroyed and useless. The camber straightened by ~2 inches. The sleeves on eiher side bent upwards another ~2-3 inches. For the price, I am extremely disappointed in the lack of durability.