The Oregon Power Bar

Finish: RAW Finish ©

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    Hit maxes the size of mountains with the Oregon Power Bar. Designed in the heart of the rugged Pacific Northwest, every inch of this power bar is crafted to move maximal loads with balance, stability, and precision. From its smooth-spinning sleeves to a knurl that boasts just the right amount of aggression for the squat, bench, and deadlift, this bar provides everything you need to reach your powerlifting strength summit. 


    The Oregon Power Bar

    Peak performance starts with a barbell made for the job. Kabuki’s commitment to innovation runs strong in our manufacturing facility and processes, resulting in bars built outside of the box. The Oregon Power Bar is crafted with unique, state-of-the-art techniques, yielding a barbell that’s optimized for heavy lifts down to the smallest of details.

    A perfect choice for all three of the powerlifts, the Oregon Power Bar’s combination of 190,000 PSI tensile strength with a 28.5MM shaft diameter results in low flexion and minimized bar whip. The bar’s center knurl grabs the lifter’s back during the heaviest of squats, while the slightly narrower shaft facilitates a more secure deadlift grip. 

    The Oregon Power Bar sports our renowned “Kabuknurl,” a fully raised knurl pattern designed to grip skin, not tear it. With a tacky, not sharp, “cratered” design, the Kabuknurl provides maximum neural feedback with minimal damage to the skin’s surface. With competition-standard powerlifting marks, the Oregon Power Bar is the perfect sport-specific choice when training for your top total. 

    Speaking of knurling, rather than using an additive plating process (like zinc or nickel) we went back to the drawing board and worked to develop our proprietary RAW Finish™. Without argument, a bare steel bar is the optimal interface between lifter and iron - but most barbells today are metal plated for corrosion resistance or aesthetic purpose - albeit compromising on knurl feel and performance. RAW finished bars like the Oregon Power Bar are factory-treated with Bar Sauce, a proprietary blend of minerals of oils developed specifically for barbells and strength equipment. 

    The RAW acronym captures the essence of this innovative finish. 

    • "Repairable" signifies the ease with which any natural metal surface, regardless of its condition or level of oxidation, can be repaired to its original condition and protected against corrosion.
    • Anti-corrosion" highlights its primary function, offering robust protection against rust and degradation, particularly vital in variable humidity environments and exposure to elements like sweat. 
    • "Weatherguard" rounds out the trio, ensuring the barbell's resilience against diverse weather and humidity conditions, ensuring long lasting performance regardless of where you live

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    • Optimized for Heavy Lifting: This barbell is crafted for heavy lifts, ensuring peak performance with its 190,000 PSI tensile strength and 28.5MM shaft diameter that minimizes flexion and undesirable bar whip.
    • Enhanced Grip and Comfort: The "Kabuknurl" pattern and RAW Finish is designed to grip the skin effectively without causing damage, offering maximum neural feedback and performance.
    • Competition-Standard and Versatile: An ideal choice for sport-specific training and competitions, suitable for all three power lifts – the squat, bench press, and deadlift.
    • Brand: Kabuki Strength
    • Bar Type:Oregon Power Bar, All-Purpose Training and Competition Bar
    • Manufactured:Oregon, USA
    • Tensile Strength:190k PSI
    • Weight:20kg
    • Diameter:28.5mm
    • Length: 86.5" Total Bar
    • Sleeve Length: 16.875" Loadable Area
    • Knurl:Fully Raised Powerlifting "Kabuknurl" (slightly shallower than 250k Power Bar)
    • Center Knurl:Full
    • IPF & IPL Competition Spec:Yes
    • Knurl Marks: Powerlifting
    • Hardware:Oil-impregnated bushing
    • End Cap:Oregon Power Bar Branding
    • Finish: RAW Finish (Bar Sauce)


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Bar Sauce-treated beauty of bare steel offers a knurl-showcasing, tactile quality that many lifters love. Kabuki's proprietary RAW finish stands for Repairable Anti-Corrosion Weatherguard, a finishing process that uses our Bar Sauce product to provide superior corrosion resistance while maintaining a pure knurl feel. RAW finished bars are treated from the factory and outperform bare steel bars treated with other oil-based products in corrosion resistance, look, and feel.

    The acronym "RAW" stands for "Repairable, Anti-Corrosion, Weatherguard" and aptly captures the essential qualities of the proprietary mineral blend finish for barbells. It emphasizes the key features of being repairable, offering anti-corrosion resistance, and providing protection against various weather conditions. This succinctly communicates the durability and high-quality nature of the barbell finish.

    After years of experience designing and manufacturing competition barbells like our 250k New Generation line, we went back to the drawing board to take everything we've learned and apply it towards a product that is more accessible without compromising on performance or longevity. The Oregon Power Bar could be the first, and last olympic barbell you'll ever need to purchase! So to answer the question, "Who is the Oregon Power Bar for?"

    • Strength athletes and powerlifters, from beginners to the pros.
    • Individuals focusing on squat, bench press, and deadlift.
    • Athletes needing a barbell that supports heavy lifting with stability and precision.
    • Strength training enthusiasts who value high-quality, durable, and innovative equipment.

    The 250k Power Bar is a premium 29mm diameter, competition-spec bar manufactured with a proprietary metallurgical process that provides extreme hardness and durability. The Oregon Power Bar is a more versatile 28.5mm diameter and hardened to an industry-standard 190k PSI tensile strength.

    Our proprietary "Kabuknurl" pattern on the Oregon Power Bar is designed to grip the skin effectively without causing damage. Its unique, sharp-cratered design provides maximum neural feedback while minimizing skin surface damage, enhancing grip and comfort during lifts.

    Yes, the Oregon Power Bar is suitable for competition use. It meets IPF & IPL competition specifications and features competition-standard powerlifting marks, making it an ideal sport-specific choice for training and competitions.

    Oregon Power Bars are factory-treated using our new Kabuki Bar Sauce product and treatment process to provide long-lasting corrosion resistance without compromising knurl feel or performance. Depending on the level of humidity in the region you live in, we recommend re-application of Bar Sauce every 3-6 months (more humid areas) and 9-12 months (less humid areas) to keep your bar in ideal operation condition.

    Bar Sauce Instructions:Using a stiff bristle brush and minimal water (do not soak or saturate), clean your barbell or equipment of any surface contamination or rust prior to the use of this product. Apply liberally to the cleaned and dry metal surfaces. Remove excess drips with a soft bristle brush, pay special attention to full coating in knurling. Allow at 15 - 20 minutes before the final wipe down of all coated surfaces then allow at least 1 hour to fully dry prior to use. Not recommended for use on Cerakote, powder coat, or other additive metal surface finishes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Vlad Alhasov

    This bar is phenomenal unbelievably strong

    Shaun Holland
    Great all around bar

    Bought this bar to bring into my gym i’m a member off because of their lack of any decent bar . has quickly became everyone’s go to for any lift. Been a kabuki fan and a fan of Chris for years it’s only right as i reel in this 500lb bench (life time goal) it’s with a kabuki oregon bar!!! Kniurling is perfect

    Mathew Wallahan
    Overall Solid Bar

    A bit whippy on squats, That’s the only “issue” I have. And in reality it’s not that bad once you get used to it. The knurling is great and it feels amazing for bench and deadlifts. Overall solid barbell especially for the price.

    Very Happy

    Love the knurling on this bar. Good grip without tearing up your hands. If you only want to own one barbell, this is the one. It’s the quality I would imagine I’d be getting from Kabuki at a very reasonable price.

    Patricio Reyes
    My Favorite Power Bar!

    I've collected a few barbells over the years (Texas, Ohio, Stainless Steel, etc..) and the Oregon Power Bar is by far the best I have ever used. For me, it's mostly about the knurling, and the knurling on this bar is the best that I've ever felt. I love the raw steel and the knurling is King! (or Queen)
    I can't recommend this bar enough.