Kabuki Embossed + Shaved Lever Belt

Size: XS


  • Shipping Note: Belts are hand-made to order and can take 6-7 weeks to ship.
  • For exchanges or refunds please contact Kabuki Strength via email or phone, NOT Pioneer.
  • Belts will ship via FedEx or USPS from Pioneer's facility in Texas.



  • X-Small- 22″-31″
  • Small- 27″- 36″
  • Medium- 31″-40″
  • Large- 35″-44″
  • X-Large- 39″-48″
  • XX-Large- 43″-52″
  • XXX-Large- 47″-56″
  • XXXX-Large -52"-61".

 (Chart based on waist size in inches)



Introducing our newest product in partnership with Pioneer Leathercraft - the affordably priced, yet uniquely featured "Kabuki Strength" leather lever belt.


    Like our (anti-fragile) belt, this is a 13mm full-grain leather belt with a full 4" width. 


    What set this belt apart from every other belt on the market? We've worked with Pioneer to create a highly unique “Shave” design exclusive to Kabuki Strength. The “Shave” strategically tapers the thickness of the belt’s overlapping portions in order to minimize bulk and gapping at the site of the lever.⁣


    This fits our philosophy of creating an even 360-degree IAP distribution equally throughout the lifter's midsection. From a comfort standpoint, lifters will notice an immediate improvement in comfort and wearability, thereby eliminating the one flaw that drives people away from using lever belts.


    Our design reduces the gap from 13mm to 4mm, which in our experience makes for a much more comfortable belt, leading to better IAP and performance.


    Official Belt Specifications:

    • 4" belt
    • 13mm thickness
    • Raw leather hide
    • Proprietary “Shave” design exclusive to Kabuki Strength 
    • Embossed "Kabuki Strength" logo with squat face letter "U"
    • Patented Lever


    Keep in mind you are not getting a generic leather belt made in china, or imported then embroidered. These are the highest quality leather belts available, made by hand right here in the USA by skilled leatherworkers and craftsmen. This is an iconic belt that will stand the test of time, both functionally and as a collectors item! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Incredible belt. Worth every penny.

    I’ve been using an off brand lifting belt for a few years now. It’s fine even decent. But I wanted one with a lever buckle and I didn’t want to but another imported belt. I ordered this belt about 3 weeks ago. It arrived yesterday. First lift with it was this morning. I’m blown away. It’s absolutely a thing of beauty. Leather is gorgeous and will age beautifully. Lever is rock solid ( I may upgrade to the ratchet. We will see). Weight belts aren’t designed to be comfortable per se. But this one is as comfortable as any of used. I couldn’t be happier.


    Amazing belt, easy break in period. The Kabuki Squat face adds an automatic 5% to any lift. The shaved end of the belt makes it incredibly comfortable when locked in, genius idea.

    Christian Robles

    What an outstanding product. Not only is it beautiful but the sturdiness and quality is incomparable against any other belt I’ve ever used/owned. The tapered leather is a massive win for a uniform feeling all around when I lock in the lever and brace. The pal v2 is perfect. Fresh out the box the first day I received it, I set a deadlift pr. Even tho the belt isn’t broken in at all I was able to perform like that because of the adjustability that unique lever setup provides. I love it I love it. I’ll be using this belt for the rest of my life. Plain and simple. Thank you kabuki strength

    Shawn Gadwa
    Very nice belt

    Excellent quality, I'd expect nothing less from pioneer. The shave feature is especially nice, makes the belt much more comfortable even for a 13mm. I would definitely recommend this belt.

    stephen Manning
    Rock solid

    This is my first lever belt and will likely be my only one. I absolutely love this belt and the craftsmanship is superb. It feels like I have a fortified wall around my core when it matters most. Some call it a safety blanket, I call it dependable. You will not be sorry if you buy this belt. 10/10 would buy again.