The PR Deadlift Bar [Blemish]

Finish: Bare Steel

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Cerakote Bars are not allowed to be used on competition platforms in the USPA or IPL.  If your bar is for platform use, please purchase bare steel, or black oxide.


Despite our best abilities and attempts, due to supply chain constraints and quality issues we are uncertain if the nickel finish bar or sleeves will be available for sale in the future.



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  • Blemish Note: This is a cosmetic blemish PR Deadlift Bar for a discounted price. Possible defects include small scratches or blemishes in the finish or other non-functional cosmetic issues. The bar performs and functions exactly as a new Deadlift Bar and has never been used. 
  • All sales on items listed as blemish are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted.
  • If you have an existing and would like to switch to a blemished item, please contact our customer service team before placing an order.
  • This bar cannot be shipped to an APO address, please use a physical address for delivery.

A Bar Fit for the King of the Lifts

The Kabuki PR Deadlift Bar is the product of the same precision engineering that lies at the foundation of all of our bars, and we consider this bar the crowning piece to our competition-standard straight bar trifecta. The PR Deadlift Bar joins the 250k Squat Bar and the 250k Power Bar to complete a trio of bars each with knurling that has set industry standards, design that supports the heaviest of loads for the greatest feats of strength, and craftsmanship that makes every single bar we produce a true work of art.

Superior Knurling 

The PR Deadlift Bar boasts an aggressive knurl specifically designed to provide the lifter with maximum grip staying power. This bar’s knurling is sharp enough to support grip endurance but precision-spaced to minimize tears to the athlete’s hands.


The Perfect Bend

Our deadlift bar has been painstakingly crafted so that it produces just the right amount of PR-busting bend. With a diameter of 27 millimeters, the PR Deadlift Bar will bend to the optimum degree before leaving the floor to put the lifter in a more mechanically-advantaged starting position. This bar was designed for serious lifts, and we're excited to see it in the hands of the best lifters in the world.