The Kadillac Bar

Variant: Black w/Zinc Sleeves

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Cambered with the same angle as our original specialty bar - the Duffalo Bar - this Kabuki take on a traditional swiss bar is designed to make bench pressing safer, more comfortable, and easier to learn. The Kadillac Bar features three neutral hand positions strategically angled between 10 and 15 degrees to offer maximum training effect and reduced load on the sensitive shoulder joint complex, while allowing for increased range of motion. Thanks to a proprietary, super-grippy polymer finish on the handles, users are locked in throughout the lift. A favorite of many professional strength & conditioning coaches for athletes, the Kadillac Bar is as versatile as it is functional - commonly used for rowing, arm, and all pressing movements.


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The Kadillac Bar

Two distinct design characteristics stand out to make the Kadillac Bar one of the most biomechanically-sound and effective training bars for the press.

Three strategic hand positions at 10, 12.5 and 15 degrees reduce pain and transfer to sport

Perhaps the biggest contributor to the bar’s reputation of being “the most comfortable press - years of practice, study, and understanding of pressing mechanics led us to these 3 distinct fixed positions for a better neutral-grip press. Two of the biggest champions of Kadillac Bar use are individuals with a history of shoulder girdle-area injuries and difficulty in the press, as well as athletes in need of a power and strength-capable stimulus that minimizes risk of injury off the field.

Natural camber curve for increased range of motion to maximize stimulus

The curve of the Kadillac Bar mimics our first ever specialty bar - and the first design engineered specialty bar in the world - The Duffalo Bar. Combined with our hand position angles offered by the three grips, this camber allows the lifter to gain a greater range of motion whilst minimizing the risk of injury through a more externally-rotated elbow/shoulder position. This additional stimulus is useful for end-range strength, hypertrophy training through a fuller range of motion on the pec and triceps, as well as power development for athletes.

Unlike most specialty bench bars, the design engineered Kadillac Bar is built for the professional weight room in terms of durability, fit & finish, and standardization with competition-level equipment. The bar features machined olympic sleeves with our iconic stamped squat face end caps. The sleeve design allows for easy racking/unracking in all standard racking and upright storage is supported.

One of the biggest advantages of this bar is its versatility beyond the realm of the bench press. Athletes commonly use the bar for rows (including extended range of motion seal rows), pullups (by simply placing the bar on top of a rack), overhead press variations that are significantly more comfortable and optimal in terms of positioning, and other exercises like curls, push ups, and even ab-wheel rollouts.

The Kadillac Bar's unique handles feature a Kabuki-proprietary grippy-textured polymer finish that provides equal or better performance to a traditional knurl + powdercoat combination.

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  • More Than a Bench Bar: Use the Kadillac for All Rowing, Pressing, and Arm Movements
  • Takes Traditionally High-Risk Movements and Makes Them Safer and Easier to Learn
  • Unique balanced design
  • Increased Range of Motion for Better Results in Strength, Hypertrophy, and Transfer to Sports
  • Correct Neutral Hand Position for Lifters
  • Kabuki Exclusive:Get 1 month of FREE access to Kabuki EDU+ and hundreds of hours of studio-produced digital strength & fitness education + app programming
  • Brand:Kabuki Strength
  • Bar Type:Specialty Bench Bar
  • Length:87"
  • Width:7"
  • Height:7"
  • Weight:20kg
  • Sleeve Length:16.75" Loadable Area
  • Finish:Textured Powdercoat
  • Finish [Sleeves]:Zinc
  • Finish [Handles]: Grippy, Textured Polymer [Proprietary]
  • Handle Diameter:1.25"
  • Fits Rack Width:Min: 41.5" , Max: 54"
  • Three Handle Positions:10°, 12.5°, 15°
  • Corrosion Resistance:High
  • Weight Rating:800lbs
  • Manufactured:Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Assembly Instructions: Click Here


Trainers, Clinicians, Scientists All Agree


Dr. Kelly Starrett is a CrossFit trainer, physical therapist, author, and speaker. His book, Becoming a Supple Leopard, was featured on The New York Times bestselling sports books list. He is a co-founder, with his wife Juliet Starrett, of MobilityWOD and San Francisco CrossFit, one of the first 30 CrossFit affiliates. Kabuki Strength productsare available on the MobilityWOD store.


The Kabuki Strength Kadillac Bar is the best multi-grip bar we’ve reviewed. It features high attention to detail on areas that matter, a camber angle borrowed from the ever-popular Duffalo Bar, and a fit and finish that is top-notch. If you want the best and can stomach the price tag, we recommend the Kadillac. Checkout the full reviewhere.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 main features that make this bar superior to the older “neutral grip” bars. 1. It has a very similar curved angle as our super popular “duffalo” bar, this allows for a greater ROM and keeps the shoulders in a better position. 2. The handle angels are specifically designed with your shoulders health and mechanics in mind. They are not all at the same angle, and they should not be as you raise your arm from your side to a bench press position the angle of your hand and upper arm change. This is the first pressing bar that pays attention to this simple functional anatomy!

Yes! Unless you are a competing powerlifter, we believe all of your pressing should be done on the Kadillac bar. Even if you are a powerlifter the majority of your pressing before meet prep and on secondary days should be on this bar for shoulder health. All other athletes and fitness enthusiasts need to be on this bar, as it will give better results while keeping your body safer in the long run due to the specific angles of the handels.

All of them! We specifically chose to use 3 handle widths, close grip, normal and wide. For most people starting with the middle (normal) grip will give you the best balance of the features and will be close to your standard grip on a bar. When you want to give your triceps some more work bring in your grip to close and you will feel the difference. Then if you are looking for the largest ROM and a good stretch in the pecs go all what way wide. By using all three widths you will get superior results regardless of your goals. Don’t forget to try all fo your arm, overhead, pushup and rowing motions with the different handles as well.

We recommend and program a ton of accessory work on the Kadillac. Overhead pressing with this bar will give you similar results and shoulder health vs a straight bar. One of the biggest areas that people dont consider is rowing variations. The shoulder acts very similar if both pressing and rowing variations are done correctly, therefor if we have a bar that will help put your body in a better position for bench it will do the same if rows. Last but not least (we have posted our 10+ most favorite exercises on the Kadillac bar) is all of your arm accessory work.

If you are a sport athlete, fitness enthusiast or bodybuilder, just swap our that old straight bar and get to work you will love the results! If you are a powerlifter we suggest putting it in on your secondary day and use for accessory work first. Then, programming it in on your main day as a second or third pressing variation. If you are farther away from a competition add it in as a main pressing movement.

To help you get better results regardless of your goals! It has a very similar curved angle to our super popular “duffalo” bar, this allows for a greater ROM and keeps the shoulders in a better position. The main difference is the handles that are specifically angled to keep your body in alignment. The curve allows you to train through a bigger ROM that has a lot of benefits for a wide variety of fitness goals. It helps your body function in a more natural movement for the shoulder and shoulder blade. This improved “scapulohumeral rhythm” helps you function better, increase your training results while avoiding potential shoulder pain and problems.

The Kadillac Bar bar is manufactured in Portland, Oregon by Kabuki Strength and features a Kabuki proprietary sticky-textured polymer grip finish that locks you into the bar just as well - or by some accounts better - than traditional knurl with thick powdercoat over it. The Kadillac Bar [Knurled] costs $30 more and can be purchased on our store here

Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews
Brandon Stegall, ECU Assistant Strength Coach
Had a chance to use this bar at CSCCA!

After labrum surgery a few years ago, I was told I would never be able to bench. Since then, I have benched, but at times it would leave me in pain. With the Kadillac Bar, I had zero pain. The curve of the duffalo meets the neutral grip of the football bar is unmatched.

Awesome Bar

Had this bar for almost 3 years now and still integrate it to my weekly training regimen. Between this bar, the Trap Bar HD and a Rogue SSB (I wish I had got a transformer bar), I rarely use a straight bar anymore.
I use the Kadilac bar for all my pressing variations (Bench, floor press, overhead press, etc.) and also have found it great for seal rows and other rows. I used to struggle with shoulder inflammation and pain but this bar allows me to perform these movements more frequently and with more volume which has helped me progress quite a bit. For me the bar was well worth the price and I expect to continue using it for a long time.

Mike Robinson
Can finally bench again

Purchased this bar based on the positive feedback I’ve seen from the garage gym community. I’ve been saving up for a long time for this bar, so when I saw it in the Blemish section, I had to get it quick. The bar arrived packaged great. When I opened the bar, it only had a few dings on the sleeve. Most people wouldn’t even notice it. The assembly only took a few minutes. When I finally tried out the bar, the first thing I noticed was how balanced it was. Not only did I experience zero shoulder pain, but I could feel it in the chest more due to increased range of motion that a straight barbell simply can’t do. I would definitely recommend this barbell to anyone with shoulder issues or who just wants variety in they’re workouts.

Best investment I've made since my bench/weight set

I've been lifting for a little less than 3 years now but have had my eye on the Kadillac bar for @ 2 years now & finally decided to take the plunge & invest in the evolution of my lifting. I am so glad I did, the price point is a bit intimidating but what you get for what you pay is so much more. The unit is stable, rock solid, & allows you to comfortably hit specific parameters of your chest easier that with a standard barbell. Racking & un-racking takes a bit to get used to but by the 3rd time I used it, it was like second nature. Don't second guess yourself on buying one. I did alot of research on youtube with reviews, some reviews did state NOT to buy which left me feeling doubtful after I ordered it BUT after receiving it & using it, it was apparent that the reviews didn't matter, only what I thought. I love this bar, wish I bought it 3 years go. Better late, than never. Now I just have to save up for the Transformer bar..

Gary Morgan
New Kadillac Bar

Haven't done a bench press for 10 years due to r/shoulder dislocation/pinching issues. Have only used my Kadillac bar in 1x session but felt good and no pain problems. Shipped all way to London so will be relieved if it does the job. Great design and materials.