The Transformer Bar

Finish: Made in Oregon [Kabuki]

The Transformer Bar ships in:

Made in Oregon [Kabuki] - Ships in 2-3 weeks
Made in Ohio [Rogue] - 
Ships in 7-10 business days

* Due to size restrictions, this bar cannot be shipped to APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

The World's Best Squat Bar! 

Welcome to the ultimate squat bar, manufactured in the USA by Kabuki Strength. The patented Transformer Bar is the industry’s first multi-function, adjustable squat bar designed to make squatting more comfortable and easier to learn. Its proprietary adjustment mechanism allows users to replicate common squat movements like the front squat, back squat (low and high bar), goblet squat, safety bar squat, and the hinge. The bar is used by beginners who wish to learn the squat, all the way to professionals who need a tool that reduces injury risk and enables optimal training for maximum performance on the field or platform.


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The Transformer Bar

The Transformer Bar is a patent-pending, design-engineered, multi-function specialty barbell which allows for adjustment in the weight's center of mass relative to the lifter's body; changing loading mechanics, movement dynamics, and training effect. It is purpose-built for easy use in both professional (athletic, clinical), commercial, and home gym settings. No other training bar comes close to matching the versatility of use and application as the Transformer Bar.

  • New Spring-Pin Adjustment Mechanism allows for quick angle changes without removing the weight bracket as in previous iterations of the bar
  • Improved sleeve design allows for quicker difficulty adjustment and can be inserted from outside (Made in Oregon - Kabuki variant only)
  • Black powder-coated center bar and handles for high corrosion resistance
  • Color-coded labels for quick positional adjustments
  • Wider 54" center bar for fitment with all racks
  • Branded pad cover features "Transformer Bar" name and our iconic Kabuki squat face branding along with a Made in the USA stamp.

The Transformer Bar features two simple adjustment mechanisms for modifying camber angle and distance from center, for a total of 24 unique angle/difficulty combinations. Durable polyurethane labels on the bar visually indicate each position (camber angle) and difficulty (distance from center). This bar was designed for simple use by individuals that have no prior experience with the bar.

The spring-pin mechanism allows for 6 positions with 30 degrees of variance between them. These fixed positions replicate common squat movement patterns including:

  • Hip Hinge - Ideal for good mornings and teaching hinge patterning
  • Back Squat - Low Bar
  • Back Squat - High Bar
  • SSB - For use like a traditional safety squat bar
  • Front Squat - Load counterbalancing similar to a front squat
  • Goblet Squat - Similar to a kettlebell goblet squat

The second adjustment mechanism allows for modifying the position of the weight sleeve, or distance between the center of mass of the weight and the bar on the lifter's back. The color-coded label on the weight bracket allows for easy changes to increase or decrease difficulty in any of the 6 common angle positions. Sleeves can easily be adjusted from the outside of the bar (Made in Oregon variant only).

  • Easier
  • Easy
  • Hard
  • Harder

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  • Best Squat Technique, Making it Comfortable and Easy to Learn the Squat
  • 24 Configurable Positions Replacing Multiple Barbells & Other Equipment
  • Tailored to individual and athletic needs
  • Less Wear and Tear, and More Progress Through Improved Technique and Reduced Risk of Injury
  • Kabuki Exclusive:Get 2 months of FREE access to Kabuki EDU+ and hundreds of hours of studio-produced digital strength & fitness education + app programming
  • Brand: Kabuki Strength
  • Bar Type: Patented Multifunction Squat Bar [24 Positions]
  • Manufactured: Portland, OR and Columbus, OH
  • Bar Weight: 25kg or ~55lbs
  • Sleeve Length: 15.75”
  • Sleeve Diameter: Standard Olympic
  • Total Length: 90.75”
  • Rack Compatibility: Same as Standard Olympic Bar
  • Finish | Plating: Full Black Oxide (Bar, Bracket, Sleeves)
  • Load Capacity: 1500lbs
  • Adjustment: Spring Pin
  • Assembly: Fully Assembled
  • Pad: High Density Foam
  • Pad Cover: Branded, Durable Synthetic Leather
  • Storage: Vertical or Horizontal


Trainers, Clinicians, Scientists All Agree


Dr. Kelly Starrett is a CrossFit trainer, physical therapist, author, and speaker. His book, Becoming a Supple Leopard, was featured on The New York Times bestselling sports books list. He is a co-founder, with his wife Juliet Starrett, of MobilityWOD and San Francisco CrossFit, one of the first 30 CrossFit affiliates. Kabuki Strength products are available on the MobilityWOD store.


Eric Cressey is a world-renowed strength coach best known for his work with more than 100 professional baseball players who travel to train with him each off-season at Cressey Sports Performance facilities in Massachusetts and Florida. Eric has a master's in Kinesiology and has published over 500 articles, 5 books, and video content sold in over 60 countries. He specializes in applied kinesiology and biomechanics as they relate to program design and corrective exercise; maximal relative strength development; and athletic performance enhancement.


The Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar is the most versatile safety squat bar currently available. After using the previous versions and finding a lot of shortcomings, Chris Duffin and the Kabuki Team have taken the criticism and made a bar that is not only incredibly versatile, but equally easy to use. If you want the best safety squat bar currently made and don’t mind paying for it, this is it. No question. -Garage Gym Reviews


We outfit the most elite teams, coaches, and facilities with barbells and equipment. Reach out to our sales team and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Transformer Bar [Made in Ohio - Rogue] variant is manufactured and shipped by our partner Rogue Fitness from their Ohio facility. The bar is functionally identical (and features the same Kabuki Strength branding) to the Kabuki-manufactured Made in Oregon variant with the following differences:

  1. Matte Black Finish (vs. a slightly glossier BK-08 powdercoat)
  2. Detent Locking Pin to attach sleeve to bracket (vs. secure twist-lock mechanism)
  3. Laser-cut labels and markings (vs. polyurethane color labels)
  4. Optional shorter handles
  5. Flat profile pull-pin

Everyone, including competitive powerlifters outside a narrow competition prep window. The Transformer Bar is especially popular with athletic populations, mobility-restricted individuals, and beginners wanting to learn to squat correctly.

Much in the same way it’s easier to teach a beginner to squat with a kettlebell goblet squat vs. a straight bar back squat, the Transformer Bar allows for better positioning and loading especially for untrained or mobility-restricted populations, without the limited weight restrictions of a front-loaded goblet squat.

Longer handles improve a lifter's ability to maintain a stacked, neutral spine and optimally create intra-abdominal pressure.

We’ve found that Front Squat - 2 or SSB - 2 is the easiest position to start with - allowing for immediate improvements in squat mechanics while maintaining the feel of a traditional straight barbell squat.

The bar has been tested and is regularly used by some elite lifters with over 1000lbs of load.  No one had lifted it yet, but it has been tested with 1,200lbs of load. The Transformer Bar is an American-made, purpose-built, high quality bar and is able to handle serious weights. Happy squatting!

Absolutely!  The Transformer Bar can be stored vertically or horizontally.

The ability of the bar to balance on your shoulders without hands on the handles depends on the setting used. Certain settings require the lifter to hold onto the handles, particularly those where the weight's center of gravity is shifted posteriorly. 

Yes, the Transformer Bar can be racked on any rack with a minimum width of 52”.

The SSB position is one of numerous positions available on the Transformer Bar thanks to its patented adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust both camber angle and height. This functionality makes the Transformer Bar the most versatile squat bar available on the market, giving athletes and lifters unparalleled versatility in choosing the appropriate position - whether you want to replicate traditional straight bar front or back (low and high bar) squats, or play around with different variations including hinge, SSB, or goblet squats at varying levels of difficulty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews

Best investment I’ve ever made in a piece of gym equipment! So versatile and far more comfortable than the Rogue safety squat bars. I use it nearly every time I step into the gym.


Dude this bar is legit. 6 exercises, 4 difficulties each exercise, 1 bar. Fantastic!

I used to hate squats

I have always had trouble with squats, never could get the bar to sit right on my back my form was dysfunctional, killed my shoulders and back. But now, with this bar, I want to do legs everyday! You can actually feel the difference with each position you select on the bar. I can feel the tension better in my legs. Yeah the bar is pricey but honestly it's completely worth it. I would buy it all over again. I bought the rogue version mainly because I'm not a big fan of stickers but to each their on. So if you struggle with squats or hate leg day I'm telling you this bar will change all of that!

Good but not great

Function of my Transformer bar is excellent after a few years. The finish on the bar has not help up well. The materials of the bar have oxidized and rusted when my other bars have not. Even in cool dry Southern California.


Great Product