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The MyoRök is our latest IASTM Tool, designed with clinical input and made of a high strength stainless steel, laser cut and polished to a perfect edge finish.

You may notice that the MyoRök's 2.25 pound weight is heavier than similar tools - this increased mass allows for improved edge control and less strain on the wrist.

The tool features multiple internal and external radii, a micro-fascial point, and a beautiful polished double bevel. It's edge is finished to a perfect .060" radius.

Another unique feature and industry first of the MyoRök is it's ability to mount to the ShoulderRök for further self-use applications - especially useful for individuals with limited mobility.

NEW: Each MyoRök comes with a custom embroidered carrying sleeve for protection and convenience.


Customer Reviews

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Good size, lots of versatility.

This tool is bar none the best available for its purpose!

I purchased this and the breakdown version of the shoulder rok so I could work on myself in between PT and RMT treatments. After about two weeks of self use my RMT noticed changes and inquired if I was doing something different in my daily/weekly routines. After showing her the videos of the tool and then bringing it to a session where she could use it on me for treatment she was blown away and bought one for her practice. Same thing happened a few weeks later with my PT. The weight and angles are perfect, don't second guess this product it just works! Combine it with the shoulder rok and you can treat yourself very effectively, it has cut down on the number of times I've needed to go to my RMT. It isn't a replacement for treatment when used for self care but does extend the time between those treatments, making this a very good investment. Absolutely and incredible product!

Michael Mekhail
Brilliant Design

A friend of mine referred me to your products who really enjoyed his experience using the MyoRok. I'm a massage therapist and always looking for ways to save my hands and dig deep for patients who enjoy deep-deep tissue treatments. I used it in the clinic and my patients loved it. It's 2.5 lbs. so I don't have to apply much weight and it almost uses itself as I'm gliding through tough hamstrings and tight calves. It takes little effort to break up dense connective tissue.

The design is so thoughtful and I've never seen or used an IASTM tool like this. Well worth the purchase - it's going to be with me for a lifetime.


Amazing tool with substantial weight which adds to its efficiency. So far love their service and products.

Stephen Fallon
Great tool for clinicians

I'll start by stating that I'm a certified specialist in the big IASTM tool company (not naming them, but you know which one), so I have a good deal of experience with tools. First impression out of the box was that the MyoRök was extremely sturdy and well made (this shouldn't be a shock if you've used any Kabuki product in the past). I've used multi-edge style tools, but I can say this is by far the most well designed. Unlike other multi-edge tools, where the edges are haphazardly thrown together, it's obvious that a lot of thought went into the design of each edge. No matter the area of the body, you can find an effective angle to work on it and working around the bony prominence was a breeze. I had no issue regardless of the size or shape of the patient it was being used on.
Anyone who's done IASTM in the past knows how slippery is can get. This wasn't an issue what-so-ever for me with the MyoRök. Even when my hands were covered in cocoa butter, the texture and handle gave me great control and stability from beginning to end.
One thing that surprised me was the weight, but once I got into the clinic and worked on patients I was sold. The extra weight means less pressure I had to apply. I also found that by using the corners of the rounded edges, I could do very specific trigger point work much like you would with a Boomstick.

Overall well worth a 5/5 rating and a perfect addition for any clinician looking to add IASTM to their treatment protocol.