Finish-Type: Black Oxide

ShouldeRök™ ships in: Black oxide & zinc - ships in 1-2 weeks, post-order

The ShouldeRök was the very first product released by Kabuki Strength, and it brought about the renaissance of traditional Macebell or Gada swinging that you see today.  While dating back centuries to Persia and India and being possibly the oldest weight training method it wasn’t until the release of the ShouldeRök that it regained its current foothold in strength culture.  Proper design engineering, modern materials, and a new manufacturing process along with a design that allows the use of standard olympic plates, the Shoulderok allowed people to discover the phenomenal benefits that can be achieved when this unique training modality is executed correctly.  

One of the ShouldeRök’s features distinguishing it from similar strength training tools is its easy loadability. Another simple, but significant feature of the ShouldeRok is its length. Most products of this type are shorter, which allows for the same weight to be used across a broader spectrum.  This approach compromises the effectiveness of their products, but is required for those selling “fixed bells0” or other devices.  The length of the ShouldeRök is designed to maximize balance as well as the eccentric opening and requirements for muscle engagement and stability.  These design characteristics in tandem with our product education makes this a superior product and training experience.


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Length & Balance

The distinguishing characteristic that makes the ShouldeRök effective is the length of the lever arm. We know that it isn't just the swinging movement itself, but more importantly the timed pulsing of relaxation and contraction phases that drive neurological impacts and system change. This is why a simple kettlebell “Halo” movement does not deliver the same results, and why using a shorter mace or sledgehammer peripherally “look” the same but simply do not “feel” the same or deliver the same results.  It is the length and balance of the device that tap into the nervous systems developmental patterns. Most ‘modern’ maces are not of the classical length that elicits these results because the longer length is not economically viable for non-loadable mace designs that require multiple units for different weights.


The ShouldeRök features a CNC machined ACME thread on the head and retaining nut. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and facilitates the optimal length and balance to be achieved. The Head is the diameter of an olympic barbell allowing the ShouldeRök to use any stand gym olympic plates from 1.25lbs up to 45lbs, even though the latter is not recommended.  The weight can be changed in a matter of seconds and in small increments required for optimal progression and performance.


The ShouldeRök is designed with a reverse-loading approach, ensuring that a weight can NEVER fly off and hit someone. The ACME thread has a thick and robust design to limit damage to the thread as well as allow quick changes - needing to be tightened just enough to keep the weight from falling down the shaft at beginning or end of the swing.  The plates stay on via centrifugal force and cannot fly off the end, creating the safest design on the market without needing to be ‘locked’ tight. Other lesser products that advertise a “loadable” feature use a standard loading approach that requires the nut to be locked in securely and allows for the possibility of catastrophic failure and harm with improper use.


Besides traditional Mace swing movements, the ShouldeRök is an invaluable tool for:

  • Offset Load Training - This can be of incredible value in connecting crossbody patterns like the oblique sling by holding it like a barbell but not centered and all the weight out on one side during most any movement.  Duffin’s favorites include Situp variations, back or hamstring hypers, quad fallouts, deadlifts, overheads, and pressing as examples.  
  • Hack & Prime the Nervous System - We have a future course with Guido Van Rysegmen detailing further depth on how to Hack and prime the nervous system with these approaches.
  • Queuing Hip Hing - Tremendous tool for teaching spine and hip position awareness Kabuki coaches frequently use.
  • Soft Tissue Work - The handle end of the Rok features the same soft radius as seen on our Body Tempering tools. The shaft length allows for unique soft tissue work with no partner or helper.

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  • Bulletproof your shoulder development, strength, and function of the entire shoulder girdle and supporting musculature/tissue
  • Has a lasting impact on range of motion and reduced stiffness 
  • Athleticism via rotational strength and speed to contraction and relaxation (float like a butterfly, sting like a bee) 
  • Efficient as a warmup and movement preparation tool
  • Active rehabilitation tool often successfully used in clinical intervention
  • Brand: Kabuki Strength
  • Manufactured: Portland, OR, USA
  • Length: 48” (4 feet)
  • Knurl Length: 14”
  • Loading Mechanism: Reverse-loading
  • Loadable Area: 2.875”
  • Loading Increments: 1.25lbs (lightest olympic plates)
  • Maximum Load: 50lbs (using 10/25lb plates)
  • Safety: Weights cannot fly off the implement


Trainers, Clinicians, Scientists All Agree

Reese Hoffa - 3x Olympian in the Shot Put

The ShouldeRök™ was instrumental in my rehab of a shoulder injury as well is the ongoing maintenance afterwards.  In combination with the Duffalo Bar it has been a 'Game Changer' in this Olympic training cycle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The swing of the ShouldeRok swings more like a traditional mace than nearly all products on the market.  If you are buying any traditional mace make sure it has between 45-49” in overall length with a lightweight handle to get the proper effect.  Other than that the feel is a bit different with the light knurling to improve grip.

A common mistake is not starting with some load and trying to ‘learn’ the movement which unfortunately does not work as the movement as the weight is needed for natural pendulum/swing to happen during a relaxation phase.  Typically at least 5lbs is needed for this with only 2.5lbs for beginners.  The more muscle you have the more weight you will need to require you to relax and let it swing versus muscling it around.  With larger athletes possibly needing at least 7.5lbs to learn.  

Getting to 3 sets of 10 swings each direction 2-3 times a week is a good spot before adding any load. You can progress load or sets and repetitions.  The best progression is to advance to being able to do swings with just one arm.

The shoulderok is possibly the most versatile tool in integrating to your training that can be used before training, after training, or on off days.  The before training would be as movement preparation for an upper body or deadlift session, as well as to improve shoulder mobility before a squat session.  Off day it is often a favorite for active recovery applications to get blood moving and everything moving well before your next training session.  Post training is used to restore function or mitigate inflammation of any shoulder issues after a hard training session.  The last potential use is for cardiovascular training but at Kabuki Strength we feel that their are better choices and prefer to not employ the shoulderok in a fashion that may lead to deteriorated movement quality with fatigue from this type of training.  

YES!  The approach to know if and when to employee it is to use the same teaching progressions.  The steps are self limiting and will let you know when to advance.  We typically don’t recommend using the shoulderok till 12 weeks afterwards if you had a surgery affecting the shoulder.  Less invasive surgeries may allow it much sooner but again follow the self limiting progressions and the advice of your healthcare professional.

Customer Reviews

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Since I started using it, I have noticed a significant decrease in shoulder pain when doing pushups.

Stav Hubsch
Most underrated body tempering tool.

The ShoulderRok is a very underrated body tempering tool. I have a body tempering business. Many of my clients prefer the smaller diameter of the ShoulderRok for target tempering to other tools with bigger diameters. The smaller diameter can be much more effective for smaller muscle groups. I also love the portable version of the ShoulderRok. It makes it a lot easier for me to travel with. I've had great feedback on the tool from everyone that I've worked with in Alaska and Iceland.


Very well made! Great company


Has poor black oxide coating. Uneven color, found slight rust


This is a great tool to keep your ligaments , muscles and basic core strength for any age, worth every cent.