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Custom Training Block

$200.00$245.00 for 8 weeks

Pricing is based on a $125 setup fee and a $15/week cost.

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What is a Custom Training Block?

Our 1x Custom Training Blocks are best for athletes who want to experience a structured program built for their needs, but who also want to make adjustments independently. You’ll receive a custom program built around the same systems and processes as our Weekly and Monthly option but the focus will be around short-term improvements (5-8 weeks) instead of long term development. This program is still customized with the initial information gathered during the intake process but any adjustments made will be up to your discretion.

Even though this is more of a programming option than a coaching option you will still have full access to our movement library and have the opportunity to ask questions from your coach.

Custom Training Blocks are built in 5-8 week blocks at which point they may be transitioned into one of our more involved coaching options or rolled into another Custom Block.

Who is this service good for?

The 1x Customized Training Block is best for individuals who want to experience a taste of Virtual Coaching programing without the actual coaching. This service is more centered around programming and is best for individuals who already have experience in the training process and who are 100% autonomous or for individuals who want freedom to change variables as they see fit.

What does it entail?

  • 1x Created Training BlocksCustom training plans are a programming specific service. If you enjoy handling your own training adjustments and aren’t looking for continued coaching outside of the initial consultation this program is for you.
  • Variable Length (5-8 weeks)You may sign up for anywhere from 5-8 weeks worth of coaching. Up front cost is $15 per week with a 5 week minimum.
  • Programming Exclusive Service – Custom blocks include all of the nuts and bolts of our training plans without the ongoing coaching. This might be a good option for off-season blocks or for general strength plans. This plan is not recommended if you have movement limitations or injuries.
  • Full Athlete Intake – We still build each custom block from the ground up with the information you provide to us about yourself. We do our best to learn as much about you as possible in the initial consultation to build the most effective program possible.
  • Movement Library Access – Each training block customer receives 12 weeks of access to our indexed video library, containing hundreds of movement, coaching, cueing, technique, and lecture videos.

Here Is What Some Of Our Athletes Have To Say About Working With Us.


Anthony Hoboica

Team Member Since September 2017 – All-Time World Record Holder At 181

“Over the past couple of years, I have been very fortunate to hit some great numbers on the platform. However, I began to notice my training methods were taking a toll on my body. My mobility was beginning to suffer, I developed more lingering aches and pains, and it was taking longer to recover between workouts. There was simply no longevity in what I was doing, and I knew I needed to make a change. I truly have a passion for Powerlifting. I want to compete for a long time, so I had to make a decision and seek knowledge to grow as a lifter. Joining the Kabuki Strength Team and KS Virtual Coaching has honestly given a rebirth to not only my contest lifts, but my overall health and fitness levels.

Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to work with Head Coach Brandon Senn in the virtual program. He got to know my body and lifts personally, breaking down each part of every contest lift to find my weak points. From here, Brandon went to work, creating a custom program with specific exercises tailored to those areas in which I needed work. The program doesn’t stop there; arguably the most important part is the personalized mobility program we coupled with my training. This work, before and after my workouts, not only helps increase my flexibility, but specificity to the health of my ligaments and tendons as the weight loads increase. My body is healthy again, PR’s have become regular again, and I owe it all to the scientific approach of Kabuki Strength!”

Kyndra Lathim

Team Member Since June 2017 – Competitive Powerlifter

“My experience with Kabuki Virtual Coaching has been immensely supportive and positive. I chose Kabuki as I needed the flexibility of my own local gym, but the option of working one on one when needed. I was a little hesitant in the beginning because I joined the Virtual Coaching program early on in my powerlifting journey, but I have never felt less than, weak, or insignificant to their stronger or more successful clients.

I have been mentored from the beginning through breaking down my form and helping me move more efficiently, and guiding me through my first powerlifting meet. Brady is always willing to provide feedback and support when needed, and I am looking forward to continuing my powerlifting journey under the guidance of the Kabuki Virtual Coaching staff.”

Justin Kwee

Team Member Since October 2017 – Strength Athlete

“Being a powerlifter with scoliosis I never experienced any injuries that inhibited my progress. Every day I was getting stronger until a year ago where I injured my back performing squats. I went to multiple PT and chiropractic sessions, but nothing seemed to get me back to full strength. A few months ago, I discovered the Kabuki Strength channel on YouTube. The team not only provided comprehensive and unique tutorials about powerlifting and movement preparation, but also offered online coaching services where clients would have access to a unique plan based on their needs and goals. Needless to say, the Kabuki Strength Team demonstrated that they were more than qualified to assist lifters with recovering from injuries and becoming stronger as a whole. For this reason, I decided to enroll in their coaching roster.

Two months into coaching and I have never experienced the same back pain once. I feel that I am getting stronger and obtaining more stability and knowledge with powerlifting than ever before. Even after resigning from coaching I know that I will continue to implement the Kabuki Strength methodologies for the rest of my lifting career. I truly believe that the Kabuki Strength Team is the best in the industry to teach athletes of all levels of experiences the art of powerlifting. I highly recommend their coaching services to anyone and everyone.”