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Custom Training Block + Technique Evaluation

$120.00$240.00 for 12 weeks

$20 per week – 6 week minimum and 12 week maximum training block lengths.

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Custom Training Blocks are the best opportunity to receive individualized training without a high price tag or a long-term commitment. We use the exact same assessment process that goes into our powerful 1-on-1 Coaching to build you the most effective 6–12-week program for your needs and goals. This is not a one size fits all block of training. Each block is developed using the information you provide us including:

  • Your short- and long-term goals
  • Your injury history
  • Your favorite exercises (or you can leave the exercise selection 100% up to our coaches)
  • Your movement weaknesses and pain you experience
  • How well you recover between sessions
  • The equipment you have available
  • The days of the week you are free to train
  • The amount of time you are available to train per day

Once we have this information our coaches sit down and write a brand new block of training from scratch to address each of these unique variables including progressions to push you beyond where you currently are. Not only will you receive an individualized block of training but you will also receive a full technique evaluation where our coaches will screen record themselves critiquing your technique to provide feedback and direction for better movement. You may submit up to three different movements for our coaches to evaluate. These movements can be barbell exercises, bodyweight exercises, or anything else that you would like to receive feedback on.

On top of the custom program and the movement evaluation you’ll also receive free access to our video library where we have over 300+ videos on topics like strength training, rehab, movement drills, nutrition, and many of the original Chris Duffin movement series.

Who is this service good for?

The 1x Customized Training Block is best for individuals who want to experience a taste of Virtual Coaching programing without the actual coaching. This service is more centered around programming and is best for individuals who already have experience in the training process and who are 100% autonomous or for individuals who want freedom to change variables as they see fit.

What does it entail?

  • Custom Training BlocksCustom training plans are a programming specific service. We’ll take our knowledge, experience, and apply them to your individual variables to build the best block of training for you.
  • Variable Length (6-12 weeks)You may choose the block(s) length based on how long you want to follow a structured program. Regardless of the length you choose, deloads will be included as well as unique progressions to ensure you make progress from week 1 through the completion of your block.
  • Full Athlete AssessmentWe still build each custom block from the ground up with the information you provide to us about yourself. We do our best to learn as much about you as possible in the initial consultation to build the most effective program possible.
  • Technique AssessmentYou provide up to 3 different exercises/movements you want our coaches to give you feedback on. We’ll provide cues and warm-up suggestions based on the quality of your movement.
  • Movement Library Access – Each training block customer receives 12 weeks of access to our indexed video library, containing hundreds of movement, coaching, cueing, technique, and lecture videos.