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Derrington Wright

I started lifting in junior high and I’ve been addicted ever since! I was mostly interested in general strength training until high school when I started training for football and strongman. After high school, I couldn’t find any strongman gyms so I just decided to jump into a powerlifting meet because it seemed like the obvious next choice. Fast forward a few years later and a ton of different powerlifting meets in a ton of different federations I’ve found my home in the USAPL. As a current top 93kg, my long-term goal is to be the best I can with the biggest total possible.  Aside from my athletic aspirations, I’m also a powerlifting coach and I love helping people reach their potential.

I started at Metroflex Fort Worth where I worked for 2 years while also having the opportunity to train the Fort Worth police powerlifting team for a year. Within this time, I met Chris Duffin and I had been following the Kabuki Strength Team’s content and learning from it. I attended an awesome Kabuki seminar in December and learned so much, I was more than excited when I was offered the chance to come and be a coach and work for them. Ultimately, I just want to be able to help everyone live a stronger and healthier life. I’m looking forward to continuing to become a better coach and athlete out here in Oregon!

Portland, Oregon