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We didn't just throw a random bend on a bar like most previous versions of the "buffalo" bar. This bend was thought out and tested by athletes over a period of a year before we started production.



Let's be honest, the squat requires a fairly mobile shoulder capsule, and some of us have shoulder/bicep issues that prevent that position. The Duffalo Bar makes it way easier and more comfortable to squat, ask anyone.


Our bar is knurled deeply and aggressively, so as to provide good grip on your back and in your hands for heavy bench.


Better scapular retraction and better lat engagement means an ability to create more IAP and brace harder. An ability which will carryover to your straight-bar squat and help your squat numbers skyrocket.


The biceps are commonly aggravated in the externally rotated shoulder position of a straight-bar back squat. Users report an immediate relief when squatting with the Duffalo Bar.


The Duffalo Performance Squat and Bench bar is the ultimate bar for squatting and bench pressing, correctly, safely, and for performance. We honestly believe that outside of competition, every lifter would benefit from using the Duffalo Bar vs. a standard barbell. This is a bold claim to make, we know, but we hope you’ll continue reading on as we explain.

If you train the squat in your athletic development this bar is a must!  Even if you compete in barbell sports requiring a straight bar you should be using this bar up till the final weeks of training for a meet to preserve your shoulders. Here’s what some really well known and respected people have to say about our bar…

Stand RHINO Efferding
This bar is AMAZING!!!  Wrist and shoulder feel great, weight is right in the pocket (over center of gravity) which reduces lower back strain and puts everything on my muscles I’m training as intended!
Reese Hoffa - 3x Olypmian in the Shot Put
I simply won’t use any other bar than the Duffalo bar to train with for myself or my athletes given the choice. In combination with the ShouldeRok it has been a ‘Game Changer’ in this Olympic training cycle.
Donnie MR3000 Thompson - Champion Powerlifter and Movement Guru
The Duffalo bar is THE primary bar we use in training with out team and I highly encourage its use year round up till the final 3-4 weeks prior to a meet.
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athlete engineered

The Duffalo bar was designed and engineered by world-record holding powerlifter and strength coach Chris Duffin. He spent over a year tinkering with the bar, from bend radius, to knurl depth, to sleeve design – before even considering putting it into production. What you have here is an athlete-designed bar, perfect in form and in function.

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american made

In an age of international commerce and manufacturing, it’s rare to find products made right here at home. The Duffalo bar is manufactured using American steel, right here in sunny Portland, Oregon by our skilled metalworkers and machinists. Each bar is hand-assembled in the Kabuki Strength Lab and shipped out across the world to an eagerly awaiting customer.

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built to last

The Duffalo bar is made of hardened, heat-treated american steel. It’s tensile strength is 210,000psi and you’ll be hard pressed to bend this bar using any amount of weight. We offer optional plating to protect your bar from weather conditions that may affect the bare metal surface – including zinc, black oxide, and electroless nickel.

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Duffalo Bar for Squatting
  • fits like a glove

    The proprietary multi-radius bar of the Duffalo Bar means it can sit on your back in an extremely comfortable and stable manner. Think about it…the back is not flat, it has contours and rounding. If you haven’t had the chance to try it, let us know and we’ll find someone around you to let you take the bar for a spin! But seriously, we’re pretty damn sure this is the most comfortable barbell on the planet to have on your back.

  • high bar, low bar, front rack

    Many are surprised that the bar can be used not only for high and low bar positions, but in the front rack position for front squats. Interestingly enough, in the front rack you’ll find the bar sits more comfortably and doesn’t cause as much strain and pressure on the collarbones.

  • similar CoG to straight bars

    You may also notice that the sleeves on the Duffalo Bar are slightly angled up rather than parallel. Why is this? We found that by adding a minor variation to the sleeve angle we could reproduce a similar CoG (center of gravity) to a straight bar. What does that mean for you? Well, let’s just say that it will feel almost exactly the same as a straight bar when you are squatting. So you get all the benefits of a straight bar, with the additional benefits of the Duffalo Bar.

  • brace harder, create more IAP

    Here at Kabuki Strength, bracing is one of the core pillars behind our movement methodology. The ability to create IAP and utilize the body’s stability mechanisms to create a rigid torso through which force can be transferred is an essential characteristic of all strength-based and athletic movements. The Duffalo Bar allows for easier scapular retraction, lat engagement, and consequently a better position from which to brace and stabilize.

  • reduced mechanism of injury

    The extreme externally-rotated position required by a straight-bar back squat causes shoulder impingement and bicep issues for a large number of lifters, especially the heavyweights! Save your shoulders, use the Duffalo Bar.

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Duffalo Bar for Benching
  • better joint centration

    Our proprietary bends optimize the wrist angle when held in the pressing positions.  This positioning cues proper joint centration in the shoulder while also improving both lat and scapular engagement.  The improvements in joint centration as well as both lat and scap engagement, grooves the correct pressing patterns, automatically ensuring the proper engrams are programmed.

  • increased range of motion

    Despite the increased ROM of the press users report significantly reduced (eliminated) shoulder pain while gaining increased training effect from the additional range of motion. this addition ROM allows for more pec activation and stretch.

  • optional attachments for bands and chains

    Long gone are the days of stretching bands over your sleeve or hanging chains on the bar. Our optional Duffalo Bar Attachments screw into the sleeve and allow for easy setup of bands or chains on both the bench and squat.

  • use this as a primary or accessory movement

    Athletes and lifters all over the world have programmed and implemented the Duffalo Bar into their training in countless ways. Some choose to substitute the Duffalo for their competition bench until a few weeks out of competition, others choose to use it as an accessory movement on top of their regular pressing.

  • coming soon: attachment pad to decrease rom

    We are planning a “board simulator” device which will attach to the center of the bar and negate the increased ROM completely. Why, you ask? So you can get the added benefits of the Duffalo Bar bend without the extra range of motion. This will be the same ROM as a regular bench press but with the benefits of the Duffalo Bar (see points above).