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Eva Laura Belle Dunbar

I’m a small-town girl born and raised in Woodstock, New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada. I’m employed as personal trainer and certified fitness nutritionist and reside in Utica, New York training out of Hell Barbell Club. I’m Relentless and passionate in all aspects of my life. Everything I do is with as much intensity and calculation as one person can encompass.

I’m a dual athlete; I compete in both powerlifting and bodybuilding. I recently held the 148lb all time total record holder in sleeves at 1201, and 2nd in wraps at 1275. I am also ranked 3rd in Canada for women’s physique. This upcoming competitive season, I am looking to not only set the new standard for the 148lb weight class in powerlifting, but obtain a level of conditioning that secures my IFBB pro card at IFBB North American Championships in Pittsburgh, PA. I have big goals. Goals that can only be obtained with complete focus and heart. I am in pursuit of greatness.

New Brunswick, Canada