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The 8 hour in-person Acumobility Level 1 Course is designed for Trainers, Coaches, Clinicians and Athletes. One of the defining features of a good Assessment and Corrective strategy is whether or not you can improve a person’s movement quality in real time and integrate those gains into their training. This is where we see too many programs fall short.

We hear over and over that mobility work takes too much time, that the results don’t last, or that there are too many parts of the body to address and it’s not practical. We are going to show you how to cut through all of the noise and quickly identify the most important areas of the body that need to be worked and how to build a program that creates both immediate and long term improvements in movement capacity. We will teach you our Assessments and Active Mobilization strategies that we have developed while working with hundreds of the top Strength and Endurance athletes in the world.

We will also show you the right order of priority for addressing problems and how to structure warm-up and corrective routines that are tailored to the goals of your athlete/ patient. These Assessments and Corrective techniques can be applied to any population of athlete or patient and can also be combined with numerous other corrective approaches to enhance treatment outcomes and improve training.

Our techniques are currently being used by tens of thousands of Athletes/ Coaches/ Clinicians and Professional Sports teams around the world. Learn how to bring it all together and elevate your tools to the next level.