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Course Overview:

Anyone who has attended both the Principles of Loaded Movement and Advanced Athlete Preparation courses are eligible to come to a Coaches Certification held once or twice per year at the Kabuki Strength Lab in Portland Oregon. The Coaches Certification is a way for Coaches, Athletes, and Clinicians to take the next step in their professional career and join a community of individuals who have invested in themselves and who want to support the growth of strength, movement theory, and S&C research.

When you attend a Coaches Certification you can expect a high-level review of the Fundamentals and Advanced courses while being exposed to new topics in athlete communication, buy in, and evaluation of new information from research and evidence.

Our biggest goal for the Coaches Certification is to bring new Coaches into our family who represent the Kabuki Strength brand. Along with joining a thriving community you’ll also be featured on our site as a Coach and have the opportunity to create unique content to be featured on our platform.

If you have any additional questions about our courses or to speak with a coach, please email [email protected]