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This week I started to get back into gear and increase the weights I am handling to get my mind and body ready to handle big weights.  On the road in Houston (Tue/Wed) as usual, I went light but started getting back into gear once I got back to the Lab.  For Bench I used a Maddog Slingshot and for squat I used briefs and knee wraps.  All in preparation for WPA Worlds, just 7 weeks out.


Tuesday dynamic bench – focus on speed

BarX20, 95X15, 135X10, 185X5, 225X5, 275X3X3, 135X10

Volume: 9,475 lbs. or about 23X

Accessory work hammer curls, triceps dumbbell press, Tates


Wednesday dynamic squat

135X5, 225X5, 275X5, 315X5, 365X3X3, 225X10, 135X10

Volume: 11,635 or 22X

Accessory work: leg extension, leg curl, back attack


Friday – bench, raw and then Maddog Slingshot

135X5, 225X5, 275X5, 315X3, 315X3, 315X5, 375X5*, 405X5*    (*=Maddog Slingshot)

Volume: 12,140 or around 30X


Saturday – squat

150X5, 240X5, 330X5, 420X3, 470X2, 510X1, 560X1

Volume: 6,870 or around 13X

Accessory work reverse hypers


Bench feels very strong and felt like I could have hit many more reps with the Maddog Slingshot.  Squats went well and the weight moved easily with no knee pain.  I need to focus on lifting and forget about the MCL injuries.  Need to jack the weight up next week as I am now in the final 6 weeks of preparation for WPA Worlds.