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In the following training log I walk through my training over the last month following the 980×1+ pull and to the 900×5 and 855 conventional deadlift that was recently posted.

Instead of just showing the lifts please listen to the audio and here how I’m managing my required daily volume via sets and reps with VBT.  This specific approach I’m using is not what we typically employ but was put in place to manage the specific demands of this program.  I also walk through what I’ve done with squats, pressing, and accessory days as I lead into the final phases of #GrandGoals. Training has been quite intense and I’ve never put myself through grueling sessions like this before.  But if I’m going to attempt to do epic things I need to put the work in, all while being smart.  In fact yesterday in a podcast with Kelly Starrett were talking about my massive 2x a week deadlifts.  And in reflection I noted that there is no way I would be able to pull this off well without the tools I use on Kabuki.MS to assess and quickly correct issues.  So that I can keep moving cleanly and deal with any issue before it spirals out of control.

That combined with specifically managed volumes and intensity that we manage in our VBT based auto regulation program keep me out of trouble. Head Virtual Coach Brandon is reviewing the statistics based on our models and updating all aspect of my program.

I hope you enjoy the following video and learn something along the way.

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