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In this guided solution series we work through a common squat issue – hips rising too quickly. Watch these videos in order, and make sure to watch all of them! Each video has a description below it.

In this video we dive into the sublety of rooting and how that effects ankle function. You can’t have a strong foot without a properly functioning ankle. If the knees out cue isn’t working for you during the squat, try thiniking about stacking your ankles.


The banded ankle stack is a drill we’ve implemented to reinforce ankle strength and foot function. This drill brings “stack the ankle” cue to life and gives the individual external feedback to reinforce their position. Try adding this cue in as a substitute or along side your normal hip circle work. If you haven’t seen our “stack the ankle” video yet, be sure to search it on Youtube and Kabuki.ms


If you have trouble with your hips shifting in the squat or want to challenge your unilateral stability, this drill will be very useful.


Knee extension bias squats can be applied to any squatting movement. If you want to get more work out of your quads, or improve knee tracking give this a shot.


Many common errors may be avoided simply by hitting the bottom position of a squat better. This video describes how to maintain tension as you reach the lowest position in your squat.


Playing off the ‘keeping tension in the bottom position of a squat’ video, this video describes how to reverse a squat from the bottom position.


This video dives into the nuance of scapular depression vs retraction in the squat. Improper scapular tension may lead to many other faults during the squat.