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Deloading this week before I start my off season, I last competed on April 23rd and totaled 1846lbs at 242lbs. Video below

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It was a disappointing performance for me, which means I just have to get to work this off season and get stronger.


A little bit about my background and how I got where I am today. Let’s start with at the age of 18 I joined the Marines and served 4 years with 2nd Recon Bn. After the military I decided to go to school and study in the field of Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University. I was able to fast track through with taking on 16 credit hours each semester Fall, Spring, and Summer. During school I got into strongman and started buying a bunch of equipment and began training out of my garage for my first competition. I always wanted to open up my and with my garage overflowing with equipment I figured now is a great time to do that. So for the next 4 years at the ripe age of 22 I owned and operated a very successful warehouse gym and continued competing in strongman throughout the years.

I focused on training high school, collegiate, and strength athletes for their respective sports and the NFL combine. A put a huge amount of time in working with and learning from some of the best strength coaches and nutritionist in the industry and not the social media famous ones, I mean the legit ones who spend more time on perfecting their craft than social media status. After 4 years of running the gym and pursuing strongman, I decided I wanted to travel and learn. So I switched focuses from strongman to just about anything under the sun from endurance events, bodybuilding, crossfit, and adventure racing to finally finding my true passion of powerlifting and within that time frame I moved from Florida to Colorado and eventually moved out to California to train with Dan Green. I spent 8-10 months there and than went up to CSA gym to train with Jesse Burdick and spent some time at Supertraining with Mark Bell. Spent 3 years in California and put over 300lbs on my total since I started my powerlifting journey. I knew I need to learn more and what better place to go than to Portland, plus I am a food snob so it was a perfect fit. I am as nerdy as the rest of the crew here and have that equal desire to be the best. I am now up in Portland with my girlfriend and IFBB Pro Kaylie and we are just soaking up the knowledge and absolutely loving the journey.

So for all you guys and gals that say i wish I could train with such and such or you are so lucky to be able to train with X, Y, or Z. All I can say to that is I made that happened because I had a desire to learn and become the best and did whatever I had to to make it happen. I sold an extremely successful business, started my own successful online business tmnutrition.net just so I could afford to move around and learn. It wasn’t easy and required much sacrifice but I wouldn’t trade this journey for nothing because we have one life to live and this is my path I have chosen.

Stay tuned for my off season training logs, training and nutrition articles, videos and upcoming plans!!