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Joe Sullivan
Joe Sullivan is currently ranked #4 on the All Time Total list in the 220lb weight class. He is training to make his way up that list and reach the all time world record total one day. He is a passionate individual that uses this passion to fuel every one of his pursuits. His next career path after graduating from John Carroll University in Cleveland Ohio and obtaining his cscs will be to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy. He plans to start this program in 2018 and is excited to use his knowledge to help a large majority of individuals training for strength who want to avoid injury or want to come back from injuries they’ve already sustained.

In 2017 Joe totalled 2121 at 220lbs with a 587 wilks to take second place at the US Open and take home a $10,000 prize. This price will most likely be used to help pay for his continued education and his training for his next competition in November in Louisiana at the USPA Southern Strength Showcase. At this next meet he plans to total and even higher number and inch closer to his goals of the world record total.

Columbus, Ohio