Kabuki Strength
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To register for this meet, you must complete the following steps/criteria:

1. Download the meet entry form, fill it out, and submit it via email or regular post.

Send Entry form to:

14350 SE Industrial Way
Clackamas, OR 97015


2. Pay the meet entry fee via PayPal below, or by sending cash/check with your entry form.

Please pay below or send check/cash via mail with your entry.

Entry Fee Options

3. Ensure you have a current APA membership card. If you do not, you may purchase one from the APA via their site, or at weigh-ins.

YOU MUST FILL OUT AND SEND US THE ENTRY FORM LINKED ABOVEĀ AND SUBMIT PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL (OR CHECK/CASH). It is not enough to simply submit payment via paypal, you must also submit the entry form linked above.