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Kabuki Strength Visits Greg Walsh At Wolf Brigade

Content overview:

At the end of 2015, Chris Duffin and Andrei Miclea visited Wolf Brigade in Rochester, NY and trained maces and kettlebells for a few days with Greg Walsh. Greg has been using maces and kettlebells in training and teaching for well over a decade, and addresses details with each in a way that no one else in the fitness world does. Hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as we enjoyed making them! More in the works, and please let us know what you think!

A bio of Greg Walsh:

Greg Walsh is a product of counter-culture, and remains immersed in it to this day. The discovery of BMX bike riding and hardcore music in early adolescence opened a door of questioning and critical-thinking that has paved the way for everything since. Action sports, hardcore music, martial arts, and strength & conditioning have all proven to be lifesavers, not simply pastimes; Contributing to each in the best ways he knows how is Greg’s daily mission.

Wolf Brigade is headquartered in Rochester, NY, and is the product of Greg’s lengthy training experience and varied physical backgrounds. Specializing in constructing effective, forward-thinking S&C programs, Greg has provided hybridized (but not bastardized) and unique (but never gimmicky) training for thousands of people of all backgrounds and fitness levels for the past 12+ years.

Greg’s technical, innovative mace and kettlebell work have set him apart both as an athlete and a trainer, and the product transfers seamlessly and powerfully to combat sports athletes of all levels. Aligning martial arts-style philosophies and technical details with the teaching of high-level strength & conditioning/ kettlebell lifting, Greg and his crew at Wolf Brigade have quietly built a brand of training that sets an extremely high bar for all that follow.

Wolfbrigade.com chronicles and details daily training and contains hundreds of videos, pictures, quotes, and pieces of writing. Greg’s non-fitness writing website, warofattrition.com, accepts subscribers, and his first novel, Theft of the Age, will be available everywhere in the summer of 2016.

1: ShouldeRok/ mace safe handling + failure drills:

This short but thorough piece covers a few “failure drills”, and also reinforces some of the most important things to identify and employ in all levels of athlete prior to training with the mace. How to manage an unstable/ uncooperative weight, a few red-flags to avoid, and a few simple movement set-up tips are included in this video! 


2: ShouldeRok/ mace “back pendulum”  + rack position:

Here, Chris and Greg cover the back pendulum, and its value as an introductory movement to the full mace 360. Safe, organized management of the weight behind your back should be practiced and familiar prior to practicing the entire movement! Incorporating details, and breaking a movement down into pieces, will almost certainly improve your success (and safety) in performing it.

3: Kettlebell halo + extension:
In this short video, Greg debut’s an add-on to the kettlebell halo that serves as a great warm-up for rotational and overhead movements and lifts. It also helps provide quick but thorough positional diagnostics prior to attempting (or allowing a trainee to attempt) dynamic rotation such as the mace 360. Arms and wrists straight at the top!

4: Wolf Brigade’s re-tooled kettlebell Figure-8:

The kettlebell Figure-8, when performed violently and appropriately heavy, is a great power-and-skill transfer to any movement requiring a dynamic hinge and hand-to-hand coordination. Performed passively, or inappropriately light, it transfers to not much other than more crappy reps of itself. Here, we cover some basic positional awarenesses, and a few performance strategies for this simple but widely under-utilized movement.

5: Max effort ShouldeRok 360 swings:

Both Chris and Greg have received many questions on “How much is too much?”, both weight-wise and size-wise, in relation to loading the ShouldeRok. Greg thought it would be a “good idea” to find out for sure, and they did! Have fun with this one! Do not try at home!

6: ShouldeRok/ Mace Good Morning:

Greg Walsh first filmed the mace Good Morning back in 2008, and today it gets a facelift (and some added weight) with the ShouldeRok. In addition to testing reasonable limits of the lift, Greg and Chris cover set-up, identify some trouble spots, and talk about safe maneuvering of the weight into starting position. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this variation based on overall poundage alone! The mace Good Morning adds a challenging and useful twist to this old standby.

7: ShouldeRok/ Mace squat:

 Even performed “empty”, squatting with an organized lever in front of you is excellent accessory strength work. It is also one of our favorite “positional insulators” and fact-finders for newer athletes or those with compromised or challenged squat positions. Here, we look at moving the mace safely into place, and the details of engagement that make this another widely-transferable, multi-skill-level, non-gimmicky use for this amazing tool.

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