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In this piece Kelly Starrett and Chris Duffin are clearly fired up and addressing topics in a rapid-fire fashion. Starrett and Duffin quickly hit on and address numerous topics on movement mechanicsMuch of the focus of the discussion surrounds the future of role of the responsibility of the strength coach. Duffin and Starrett challenge the status quo of the current role and when clinical intervention is brought in. Both articulate that these roles need to change, but this also involves people on both ends of this spectrum needing to “up their game”. Clearly defining what those roles are and then educating to those expectations will reduce injury rates and improve performance of athletes.

Kelly and Chris also clarify the expectations on what athletes are doing for prep work. While both provide significant education online via the MWOD and KABUKI.MS platforms they find some people take this prep work to far. Standards for length of time and what is done are covered.

They also discuss how complementary both of these products (MWOD & KABUKI.MS) are to cover the athlete’s needs for learning proper movement patterns, mobilizing, and performing the correct preparatory movement patterning.

Additionally KABUKI.MS is offering a 50% off initiation for the first 100 people who sign up from this video with code: MWOD

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