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KMS Certified Coaches

A list of coaches which have passed the stringent KMS Certification requirements and are able to coach individuals using the KMS methodology.

Current List of Certified Coaches

If you are not on this list and you think you should be, please contact [email protected] and we will get your information posted as soon as we verify you.

Brandon Senn[email protected]Portland, OR541-604-4455
Brady Cable[email protected]Portland, OR218-851-4861
Derrington Wright[email protected]Portland, OR817-253-8082
Cassandra La Madrid[email protected]Portland, OR360-562-6868
Kyle Young[email protected]Portland, OR503-995-4905
Juan Martinez[email protected]Portland, OR650-219-5365
Chris Duffin[email protected]Portland, OR503-908-0740
Rudy Kadlub[email protected]Portland, OR503-314-8014
Donald Berry, DC[email protected]Frederick, MD301-524-5583
Heather Mcallister[email protected]Rochester, NY585-766-9981
Joshua Woo[email protected]Singapore+65 91793077
Jerem Feltman[email protected]Kenai, AK907-398-4955
Chuck Miller[email protected]Chester Springs, PA240-291-0991
Justin Irani[email protected]Santa Cruz, California650-823-2809
Ryan Matthews[email protected]San Antonio, TX210-859-2561
Patrick Martin[email protected]Tempe/Chandler, Arizona602-619-3691
John Rudolf[email protected]New Hampshire603-833-5413
Corbin Zimmer[email protected]Phoenix, Arizona520-371-4108
Michael Lopushok[email protected]Spokane, WA509-578-8933
Danny Watson[email protected]Tampa Bay, FL516-477-7081
Tanya Barrett[email protected]Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada1(587)582-6411
Samuel Johnson[email protected]O’Fallon, MO636-544-0101
Joel Delaney[email protected]Waco, Texas254 722-0602
Madison Malfa[email protected]Monroe, New York8458252517
Dimitri Albury[email protected]Elizabethtown, PA561-319-6540
Brandon Miller[email protected]Soldotna, Alaska907-953-4720
Billie Denison[email protected]Kenai, Alaska907-394-4858
Bradley McKee[email protected]Fort Wayne, Indiana260-452-9944
Chris Doukakis[email protected]Playa Del Rey, CA
Bakersfield, CA (Anytime Fitness)
Thomas M Horner[email protected]Cleveland, Ohio216-470-5947
Robert Peterson[email protected]Sebastopol, CA707-478-5536
Brodie Blankenship[email protected]Kitchener, Ontario1-519-209-6847

Certification Process

The video below is an introduction from a KMS seminar, please watch it to get a better understanding of what the seminar will be like. Below the video are steps each attendee must complete to be listed as KMS-certified coach.

  1. Attend a KMS Seminar
  2. Demonstrate technical proficiency in the squat, bench press, and deadlift in front of a certified coach either at a KMS seminar or via video in 90 days following.
  3. Film a client’s form before, and then after implementing KMS principles for the squat, bench press, and deadlift. (please use an optimal camera angle, or even multiple angles if possible)
  4. Client needs to demonstrate Technical Proficiency OR
    • Include a written assessment listing deviant movement patterns still present AND the specific KMS movements being used to address. (Note: perfect proficiency in client is not required but being able to observe remaining deviant patterns and creating a plan to address them is)
  5. Provide Name/Title/Email/Phone/City/State to be listed on the official KMS web site.
  6. Save supporting documents in a dropbox folder and share with [email protected]
  7. Once certified you will need to remain an active member of this site and answer one question a month on the members forum.

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