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The Kabuki Movement System is a curriculum of clinically-backed courses covering a wide range of interconnected topics around human movement, biomechanics, strength, and athletic development.  At a typical course, our coaching staff works with groups of up to 60 individuals in a lecture-workshop format, alternating between in-depth learning, hands-on floor work, and practical application in the gym. 

We currently teach three courses – Principles of Loaded Movement, Advanced Athlete Preparation, and our capstone Coaches Certification held at Kabuki Strength Lab in Portland, Oregon at the end of the year. Over the last 3 years, hundreds of athletes, trainers, coaches, clinicians, and regular gym-goers have invested in themselves and their clients by attending one of our seminars around the country. We invite you to join us at one of the 10 courses scheduled for 2019 all over the United States. Early signups for 2019 seminars receive a $100 discount on registration.

When are you coming to MY city?

KMS courses are held multiple times each year all over the continental United States in major metro areas.  You may have to fly out and get a hotel room for a weekend, as many have done over the years. Not a single person who has traveled to attend one of our seminars has regretted it.

Which course do I attend?

We currently offer three distinct courses, starting with our Principles of Loaded Movement Course. Here are the courses and prerequisites in outline form:

  • Principles of Loaded Movement | No Prerequisite
  • Advanced Athlete Preparation | No Prerequisite
  • Coaches Certification | Prerequisite: Principles of Loaded Movement (or past KMS1 seminar) AND Athlete Preparation

Click on each course title to see a syllabus synopsis of that course. Click here or scroll below the course descriptions to see cities/dates and click on whichever one you are interested in to load the event details page and register.

  • Principles of Loaded Movement

    Kabuki Principles of Loaded Movement is a course designed for Coaches, Clinicians, Athletes, and anyone who wants to improve their strength and resilience to injury. When you attend this course, you will be introduced to our principle-based movement system with practical application to barbell training. You will learn higher level physiology while discovering how to get the most out of your individual leverages.

    For Coaches, you will begin to bridge the gap from clinically based movement theory to practically applying the skills and principles every day in the weight room. For Clinicians, you will take a step out of the rehab/treatment world and be exposed to the things most important for improving biomechanics in a performance-based setting. For athletes and strength enthusiasts you will begin to develop an eye for movement and take a deep dive into your individual motor mechanics.

    Over the course of 2 days (16 hours), our coaching staff will take you through a 50/50 breakdown of lecture and practical application so you can learn the skills and practice them with immediate feedback from the seminar staff. Day 1 covers our movement principle system with breakout drills in-between lectures. Day 2 is a practical application to barbell training where we will train the squat, bench press, and deadlift to show you how to actually use the movement mechanics you learned on day 1.

    Our mission for this course is to provide you with the education and tools necessary to achieve your goals and build our community of individuals who want to make the world a better place through strength.

  • Athlete Preparation

    The Advanced Athlete Preparation course is designed for you to learn how to combine scientific training methods with a clinically based movement system to build the best training plans for yourself and those you coach.

    You will find out what has made the Kabuki Strength Coaches so successful in developing elite level powerlifters while also working with professional and collegiate athletes.

    Over the course of 2 days (16 hours) we’ll teach you how to manage and evaluate –

    • Periodization models for long term planning
    • Balancing potentiation and maintenance loading during periodized training
    • The Kabuki Strength exercise classification hierarchy
    • How to choose the best loading parameters to match athlete qualification
    • Simplifying frequency, volume, intensity, and other training variables
    • Systematically developing work capacity
    • Unique leverages and how to address motor coordination opportunities
    • Autoregulation including RPE, velocity, and what type of athlete should use each

    Our mission for this course is to expose you to the methods and systems that have contributed to the success of our athletes and give you the tools necessary to make objective, purposeful decisions while creating training plans for yourself and those you coach.

    Individuals who have attended both Principles of Loaded Movement and Adv. Athlete Preparation courses may attend our Coaches Certification course.

  • Coaches Certification

    Anyone who has attended both the Principles of Loaded Movement and Advanced Athlete Preparation courses are eligible to come to a Coaches Certification held once or twice per year at the Kabuki Strength Lab in Portland Oregon. The Coaches Certification is a way for Coaches, Athletes, and Clinicians to take the next step in their professional career and join a community of individuals who have invested in themselves and who want to support the growth of strength, movement theory, and S&C research.

    When you attend a Coaches Certification you can expect a high-level review of the Fundamentals and Advanced courses while being exposed to new topics in athlete communication, buy in, and evaluation of new information from research and evidence.

    Our biggest goal for the Coaches Certification is to bring new Coaches into our family who represent the Kabuki Strength brand. Along with joining a thriving community you’ll also be featured on our site as a Coach and have the opportunity to create unique content to be featured on our platform.

Advisory Board

Kabuki Strength is grounded, inspired, and supported by a community of world-class researchers, doctors, coaches, and clinicians. Being able to call them official members of our Advisory Board is an honor. Click each board member’s image to load their bio or click here to learn more.

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