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So where do I begin…. After the meet, I was excited to get back into the gym and start training again, not because I was disappointed with my performance, which I was, but really just because I love training. I get asked how I feel about the meet and if I am good and to be honest I don’t really get too high or too low about anything. I enjoy the science and learning of this sport so when I don’t perform up to par I get excited to dive in and see what happened. Every meet and training cycle is a learning experience and I treat it as such so regardless of the outcome I am always learning which is one of the reasons I never get upset about bad meets or bad training sessions. Another reason I am good is because I love this sport and I love lifting weights it is fun for me and I enjoy the ups and downs of it, I am here for the journey and the process. Do I want to be the best, of course, I don’t train for 2nd place, I give it my all in every aspect of this game but I enjoy every minute detail about it.

Now that I am done rambling, let’s get into future plans and my training. So moving forward I am competing in 2 meets soon, a sleeved meet on Feb 18th and a wrapped meet on April 15th. The meet on the 15th is the US Open which is going to be an absolutely crazy meet which I will be truly peaking for the other meet is for me to peak my sleeve squat before I go into wraps. My current training is going great, I am in a hypertrophy phase with a ton of bodybuilding movements just to get healthy and to fix any imbalances and injuries I’ve had from my last meet prep. I will get into more detail about training and nutrition moving forward in another training log or article.

Here is my 1st week of training in the 6-week hypertrophy block I am currently running.