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Well it has been a week and half since the meet and I am just now getting around to my recap.  I lifted on Thursday and then was a judge on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It was a full four days but I am very proud of The Kabuki Strength Lab and all our our team members as well as our powerlifting partners from around the area: Inner Beast Crossfit, Savage Strength and Conditioning and to Boom Fitness for their efforts spotting and loading. Rudy Kadlub and Chris Duffin, owners of Kabuki Strength Lab for provided the venue as well as worked the meet with Chris on the computer and Rudy on the mic all four days.


The Meet

Squats started with an easy opener of 617 lbs followed by a solid second for 678 lbs and a new 55+ World Record.  I then bumped it up to 733 lbs and after an eight second grind I was un able to lock it out.  This took tremendous energy out of me and would have been a 198 lb PR for me.  But a miss is a miss, on to bench.


Bench opened with a WR 440 lbs. Jumped to 485 lbs for another WR. Per my plan the third was to be 523 lbs but I was feeling the effects from the squat so I lowered it to 507 lbs.  Good thing as it was a challenge but made the lift 2 to 1.


With only an opening deadlift required to capture the 198 lb 55+ division record I selected 518 lbs as an opener.  I followed this with a smooth 573 lbs.  I was feeling drained at this point but my teammate Andrei Miclea convinced me to attempt the WPA WR deadlift record, 612 lbs.  I approached the platform ready to give it a run but shot my hips up getting out of position and abandoned the lift 4 inches off the floor.  I ended 6 for 8 and a WPA World Record total of 1758 lbs.


Thanks to The Lab and all my KSL teammates, training partners Kyle Young and Rudy Kadlub and to Chris Duffin for his support.  Next meet is early Novemer, WPC Worlds in Baton Rouge.


Meet Recap Video