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February 2, 2016

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Chris Duffin is an Ex Corporate Executive turned Inventor and Movement professional.

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He has positioned himself uniquely in the fitness world bridging the gap between (and working with both) the top clinical rehab and sports professionals in the world and the in the trenches athletes and S&C coaches.

He promotes and uses evidence-based approaches in developing his coaching and cueing methodologies and strength training equipment.

Chris keeps it simple with reinforcing clean natural movement patterns and then focusing on building strength. He is the only person in the world today squatting and deadlifting over 900lbs at his bodyweight and is one of the best Powerlifters of our age, and one of the most respected powerlifting coaching strength coaches.

He is the only powerlifting strength coach that is regularly asked to present at PHD level courses on human movement.

“Strength training should make you better at life.” Tweet That
— Chris Duffin

How strength training will help you excel in all areas of life
The difference between the scientific and Hollywood approach to building muscle
3 metrics for building lasting success
The “Practice of Living in Fear” and how it will help you excel
The non-traditional approach to balance in your life
The importance of strength training in your workout regiment
How to breathe correctly when lifting weights

“You’ve got to live in un-comfort. You’ve got to seek the un-comfortness.” Tweet That
— Chris Duffin

Website: www.kabukiwarrior.com
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Instagram: Mad_Scientist_Duffin
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“Moderation never got anyone anywhere in life.” Tweet That
— Chris Duffin