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World record-setting powerlifter Chris Duffin embodies what Teddy Roosevelt called “the strenuous life.” Not only has he trained hard to lift superhuman amounts of weight, but he’s strived to be the best man he can be in his family and professional life. Chris came from a life of poverty, but through grit and drive he’s been able to create a great life for himself and his family. You’ve got to read his backstory; if there’s such a thing as a self-made man, Duffin is it. Chris and I talk about strength training and why men should be physically strong, but we also discuss how he has managed to balance family, work, and competitive powerlifting. Lots of great takeaways from this show.

Show Highlights

How Chris went from living in a condemned trailer as a child to becoming a corporate executive, owning his own gym, and setting powerlifting world records
A crash-course on the world of powerlifting
Why a man should strive to become a “Kabuki Warrior”
How physical strength helps a man become a pillar of strength in his family and community

How a workout tool used by ancient Hindus can help you become a better lifter
In five minutes, Chris gives you pretty much all the info you’ll ever need on nutrition and strength training
And much more!

Be sure to check out Chris Duffin’s website, Kabuki Warrior, for some great free content as well as more information about his online coaching. He also has a great YouTube channel and writes over at EliteFTS.

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