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Kabuki Bar Sauce is a proprietary blend of two dozen minerals and hydrocarbons designed to provide exceptional corrosion resistance on bare metal (or black oxide) barbells and other metal surfaces. 

We've developed a unique “RAW” bar sauce finish, a blend of nearly two dozen minerals. This finish provides exceptional corrosion resistance while maintaining the desired RAW knurl feel and superior performance of a properly-maintained, natural metal surface barbell.

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Kabuki Bar Sauce

At the heart of Kabuki Bar Sauce lies its exceptional corrosion resistance and ability to protect or repair barbells and other natural metal surfaces. 

Traditional additive metal finishes often sacrifice long-term durability and performance for the sake of resisting corrosion. Our new "RAW" finish (available on Columbia Bars & PR Deadlift Bars) not only provides superior corrosion resistance but also preserves the natural, raw feel of the barbell. This is especially crucial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who prefer an unadulterated connection with their equipment. The aerosol spray application ensures an even, hassle-free coating, maintaining the aesthetic allure of a natural metal surface without the drawbacks of conventional finishes.

The "RAW" acronym captures the essence of this innovative product. 

  • "Repairable" signifies the ease with which any natural metal surface, regardless of it’s condition or level of oxidation, can be repaired to its original condition and protected. Bar Sauce can be reapplied annually, or as needed when scratches or finish damage occur.
  • Anti-corrosion" highlights its primary function, offering robust protection against rust and degradation, particularly vital in variable humidity environments and exposure to elements like sweat. 
  • "Weatherguard" rounds out the trio, ensuring the barbell's resilience against diverse weather and humidity conditions. 

This trifecta of features makes Kabuki Bar Sauce not just a protective coating, but a comprehensive maintenance solution for barbells. It's an indispensable tool for anyone serious about weightlifting, ensuring their equipment remains in peak condition, both functionally and aesthetically, despite the rigors of frequent and intense use.

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  • Enhanced Durability: Prolongs the lifespan of barbells by providing robust protection against rust and corrosion, even in humid environments.
  • Preserves Authentic Feel:Maintains the natural, tactile sensation of the barbell's metal surface, ensuring an optimal bar-to-lifter interface and training experience.
  • Easy to Apply:The aerosol spray format allows for quick, even, and hassle-free application, making barbell maintenance convenient and efficient.
  • Annual Reapplication: Offers the flexibility to easily reapply the coating annually or as needed, ensuring consistent protection and repairability of wear and tear.
  • Versatile Protection:Ideal for various weather and humidity conditions, making it a suitable choice for both indoor and outdoor workout settings.
  • Type: Aerosol Spray Can
  • Weight: 10oz Can
  • Safety:Flammable aerosol. Contents under pressure. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Vapor harmful. Skin Irritant. Safety Page Coming Soon
  • Uses:Any natural metal surface not finished with an additive material. Can be used on bare steel or black oxide surfaces. Do not use on chrome, zinc, nickel, powder coat, cerakote, or any other additive surface finishes.


Trainers, Clinicians, Scientists All Agree

Chris Duffin, Mad Scientist of Strength

If I'm being honest, there's nothing quite like the look and feel of a properly knurled, bare metal barbell in your hands. After almost 10 years of barbell manufacturing and design engineering experience, we developed Bar Sauce internally for our new "RAW Finish" to offer customers the highest performing, longest-lasting American-made barbells without breaking the bank. I'm glad we're finally able to offer this innovative product to our customers!"


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Frequently Asked Questions

Kabuki Bar Sauce is a unique corrosion-resistant coating developed by Kabuki Strength designed to protect barbells from rust and provide superior performance while maintaining the natural feel of the barbell's metal surface.

While primarily designed for barbells, Kabuki Bar Sauce's advanced formula is suitable for a variety of metal surfaces needing corrosion protection and maintenance.

Instructions for Use:Using a stiff bristle brush and minimal water (do not soak or saturate), clean your barbell or equipment of any surface contamination or rust prior to the use of this product. Apply liberally to the cleaned and dry metal surfaces. Remove excess drips with a soft bristle brush, pay special attention to full coating in knurling. Allow at 15 - 20 minutes before the final wipe down of all coated surfaces then allow at least 1 hour to fully dry prior to use. Not recommended for use on Cerakote, powder coat, or other additive metal surface finishes.

The "RAW" finish of Kabuki Bar Sauce is designed for annual reapplication (less humid environments) or as needed (as often as every 3 months) to ensure long-term performance and durability.

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Haven’t put it too the test , but I got my stuff quick and without any issues. If it doesn’t work well I’ll get some 3-in-1 instead and try that, but I have no reason not to believe the Kabuki sauce is awesome sauce!


Great product to protect my bar!