Cerberus Power 5mm Elbow Sleeves

Size: S

Support where it counts, these quality elbow sleeves will keep your joints warm and supported through the hardest of training.

Our 7mm POWER Sleeves are designed to give you maximum performance, compression and support. The high strength neoprene has a very secure fit and gives excellent compression. The straight cut of the sleeve by its very nature helps to force your leg straight as it returns to original shape. Coupled with our NEW high strength neoprene this will really give you some awesome “pop”!

7mm is maximum thickness that can currently be used in most Powerlifting Federations. We have made our POWER Sleeves to fit the 30cm maximum allowable length, but also to give you the best coverage of your knees, quads and hamstrings.

SUPPORT from our sleeves limits patella movement, and can increase proprioception (the capacity to feel the position of a joint in space as sensed by the central nervous system). This gives you increased joint stability and higher muscle coordination.

COMPRESSING the knee encourages blood flow through the blood vessels of the knee the results in less pain and swelling during and after performance.

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT. Due to the elasticated nature of our NEW high strength 7mm neoprene and the straight cut design of our POWER Sleeves, kinetic energy can be stored. This can be subsequently released during the extension of the knee to provide additional Power and Performance when squatting, during cleans & snatches and in movements in which you extend your knee.

WARMTH & COMFORT. Neoprene Sleeves help your joints warm up quicker and retain temperature during exercise. They are also comfortable enough to wear throughout your workout.